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What this is About

This document explains "How to build Mobile Firefox for Meego Netbook Platform".


This is written for Meego 1.1 SDK. Target Device is the Lenovo Ideapad. Target Platform is the Intel Netbook Release.

Setup your Netbook

I use a Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t supporting multitouch. This is the recommended target device of Intel. Follow Instructions

Presteps, Install the SDK on your System

Add the package respository of the SDK to your system: (see source for more)

On Ubuntu or Debian

  1. Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/meego-sdk.list.
    Replace ${distribution}/${version} with one of the following: "debian/5.0", "ubuntu/09.10", "ubuntu/10.04" or "ubuntu/10.10".
    deb${distribution}/${version}/ / 
  2. Add the repository public key:
    $ gpg --keyserver --recv 0BC7BEC479FC1F8A
    $ gpg --export --armor 0BC7BEC479FC1F8A | sudo apt-key add -
  3. Update the packages database:
    $ sudo apt-get update
  4. To check that the MeeGo repository has been correctly added, run the following command. The details of the MADDE package should be printed.
    $ apt-cache policy madde
  • Install
    $ sudo apt-get install meego-sdk

On openSUSE

  • To add the MeeGo repository, run the following command.
    Replace ${distribution}/${version} with one of the following values: "opensuse/11.2" or "opensuse/11.3".
    $ sudo zypper addrepo -f${distribution}/${version}/meego-sdk.repo
  • Install
    $ sudo zypper install meego-sdk

Configure SDK

Download the mozilla-meego-assistant script from this website.

  1. Download File:Mozilla-meego-sdk-helper.tar.gz
  2. untar the tarbal

    (the meego-assistant script, will create a mount point and a working directory in the local directory!) you can edit the place by changing the variables in the script.)
  3. sudo ./meego-assistant install


  • sudo ./meego-assistant login
    During first start this finish the configuration of the image. Follow the instructions on screen.
  • Get Mozilla Sources and apply Meego Developer Patches on it
cd /meegoWorkingDirectory 
hg clone 
cd mozilla-central 
hg clone mobile 
cd mobile/.hg 
hg clone patches 
cd patches 
hg update -C mobile-browser 
cd ../../../.hg/ 
hg clone patches 
cd ../ 
hg qpush --all 
cd mobile 
hg qpush --all 
cd ..
  • Download Mozconfig and start building.
tar -xzf Mozconfig.tar.gz
make -f build 

Known Issues

Crash on Start

Issues with Mesa Drivers. Starting in EGL accelerated version does not work. Fennec is crashing with:

Mesa 7.9 implementation error: glIndexPointer should be mapped to 336, not 314
Please report at
Mesa 7.9 implementation error: glUniformMatrix4fv should be mapped to 337, not 485
Please report at

Solution: Disable hardware acceleration within mobile.js


Multitouch is not working in release TBI

Flash Renderspeed

For some people the Renderspeed with native is really slow, it seems to get better when using this for starting fennec:

 MOZ_QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM=meego ./fennec -graphicssystem meego