How can we make Pancake more location aware

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What can we do to make Pancake more location aware?

  • Can we use the user's current location to find things that are relevant? Should "near" topics have a higher score?
  • Can we pass the user's current location to third party search engines like Bing and Twitter to get more relevant results?
  • Can we find out what city or area your are currently in and use that as a parameter for our searches or suggestions?
  • Can we record the user's location as part of the browser history so that we know what kind of things you visit at specific locations?
  • Can we store the user's location for favorited items and then cluster those items to find topics based on location?
  • Can we detect that your behaviour is different because you are not in your home zone?
  • Can we suggest favorited items from other users based on the geo location?

We should probably turn this into some smaller independent experiments.