How does support localization work?

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There are two parts to support localization:

  • Then there are the actual articles. They are translated on the site itself which is a fully localizable Wiki. You can localize the following:
    • Normal articles: They are full Knowledge Base articles for visitors, like in any other wiki, with the added benefit that they are localizable. There are two types of normal articles:
      • Troubleshooting: articles explaining how to fix a problem.
      • How to: articles explaining how to use a feature.
    • Special articles:
      • Navigation: Those articles are special pages, like the start pages, or the Get Community Support page. (example link)
      • Templates/Content Blocks: Some parts of articles, like how to open the preferences window, are repeated in so many articles, that it makes sense to write those blocks once and have them inserted in article when they are needed. We use Templates for that. (example link)
      • How to contribute: Those are articles that are meant for contributors. You don't need to localize them, they are only for people who are registered as contributors, and don't show up in search results. (example link)
      • Administration: Miscellaneous articles that don't belong to the above categories. (example link)

All articles in SUMO are localized using the same set of tools.

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