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IEC Firefox Community
University/College: Uttar Pradesh Technical University/IEC-CET
City: Greater Noida
Country: India
Contact Info
Club Lead: shubham goyal
Club Founder: shubham goyal
Website: IEC Firefox Community's Website
Twitter: N/A
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Faculty Mentor: Mr.Sharad Maheshwari  

About Us

IEC Firefox Community is a place where you can get all updates about the Mozilla Products & Meetups, and you can also give your feedback on them . Mission Mozilla community, organization and technology is all focused on a single goal: making the Internet better for everyone. Company Overview We’re a global community of thousands who sincerely believe in the power of technology to enrich people’s lives. We’re a public benefit organization dedicated not to making money but to improving the way people everywhere experience the Internet. And we’re an open source software project whose code has been used as a platform for some of the Internet’s most innovative projects. Products: Mozilla Firefox , Mozilla Thunderbird , Firefox OS,Persona,Web maker,open Badges,WebFWD,Labs

project: - AUSTRAILS: Redefining ux(User Experience) - project SERVO:A Browser Platform - RUST(A New Programming Language) - ELECTROLYSIS : To make firefox perform better - is in nightly -sync next: next level of firefox sync -hive -shumway


Topic: Team Meeting and Role Appointment

 Contents: Formation of Firefox Club here at IEC, and appointment of roles.
 Venue:    IEC College of Engineering & Technology,Greater Noida
 Date:     3rd November 2013
 Team Lead:         Shubham goyal
 Events Lead:       Akshay kumar Rajput
 Recruiting Lead:   Sarthak gupta

Topic: Introduction to Firefox Club at IEC-CET & Events planning!!

 Contents: Overview of the Mozilla Community in INDIA,Mozilla Products,Upcoming Projects
           Firefox Student Ambassadors, Mozilla's Open Source
           Technologies and How to contribute back.
 Venue:    IEC College of Engineering & Technology,Greater Noida
 Date:     8th February 2014

The meeting is a great success today.All the things were discussed as mentioned,the students decided to contribute in Mozilla products and projects using their programming skills. Rishabh Arora an open source contributor and Akshay Katyal Mozilla representative both of them active member of Mozilla Delhi NCR team joined us at this meetup. The college is going to host the next meetup and a MozCamp or an interrelated event.

Topic: Mozcamp/Mozfest 2014/15

 Contents: whatcanidoformozilla,Application design and development,Bug tracing,Introduction to upcoming new techs
           Existing projects,documentation,techtalks,webmaker events etc.
 Venue:    IEC College of Engineering & Technology,Greater Noida
 Date:     to be decided (approx 1st week of march)
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