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European Institute of Design OpenWorkshop


The event will start on 2012/03/29 12:00:00 PM till 2012/04/26 12:00:00 AM.


Rome, Italy, EMEA


This event is owned by carl0s_


It is estimated that 10-50 people will be at the event.


Open web and co-design workshop

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Together with my collegue not yet Rep Alessio Ricco we would like to organize and OpenWorkshop where we can teach IED students both open web techniques and co-design techniques to all the students in Media Design that are going to be web professional after they graduate next june. It will be open to anyone who wants to join though more likely all the willing-to-graduate students in media design will join. It's a huge occasion where mozilla can lead their web design projects and give them tools on how to design their workflow with both co-design and open web techniques