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bug 506303

cjones will update when possible.

robin_bb to implement.


Contents of ipc/ipdl/test/cxx/README.txt:

To add a new IPDL C++ unit test, you need to create (at least) the following files (for a test "TestFoo"):

 - PTestFoo.ipdl, specifying the top-level protocol used for the test
 - TestFoo.h, declaring the top-level parent/child actors used for
   the test
 - TestFoo.cpp, defining the top-level actors
 - (make sure all are in the namespace mozilla::_ipdltest)


 - add PTestFoo.ipdl to ipdl.mk
 - append TestFoo to the variable IPDLTESTS in Makefile.in

The IPDL test harness will try to execute |testFooParentActor->Main()| to kick off your test. Make sure you define |TestFooParent::Main()|.

If your test passes its criteria, please call |MOZ_IPDL_TESTPASS("msg")| and "exit gracefully".

If your tests fails, please call |MOZ_IPDL_TESTFAIL("msg")| and "exit ungracefully", preferably by abort()ing.

If all goes well, running

 cd $OBJDIR/ipc/ipdl/test/cxx

will update the file IPDLUnitTests.cpp (the test launcher), and your new code will be built automatically.

You can launch your new test by invoking (from the $OBJDIR/ipc/ipdl/test/cxx folder)

 mozmake check

If you want to launch only your test, run

 cd $OBJDIR/dist/bin
 ./ipdlunittest TestFoo

For a bare-bones example of adding a test, take a look at PTestSanity.ipdl, TestSanity.h, TestSanity.cpp, and how "TestSanity" is included in ipdl.mk and Makefile.in.


For IPDL tests to be built, you need --enable-ipdl-tests in your build options (mozconfig).