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It's critical that Mozilla dogfood BrowserID for the following reasons:

  • Demonstrate to the external webdev community how to integrate BrowserID into real world apps
  • Find bugs and rough edges with the BrowserID protocol


BrowserID will be rolled out to the following projects:

  1. addons.mozilla.org (bug 675322)
  2. Etherpad
  3. sasl-browserid Sub-component project that both phonebooks depend on
  4. Mozillians community phonebook
  5. MDN 1.8 release early Dec

On deck

Once we gain some experience with those rollouts, these apps are next to be upgraded:

  1. Intranet phonebook
  2. Elmo (going to be l10n.mozilla.org) bug 700702
  3. Affiliates.mozilla.org (bug 687500
  4. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/

Other planning resources:

  1. https://etherpad.mozilla.org/moco-websites-browserid