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  • Ben A. (dev)
  • Lloyd (dev)
  • Shane (dev)
  • Yvan (server-side security)
  • Michael (security)
  • Sid (security & privacy)
  • James B. (qa)
  • Anurag (metrics)
  • Dan (pm)


  • BrowserID is live (woo!)
    • refactoring and thinking about scaling
    • certificate support
    • primary authority support coming later
  • Announcing this week, but keeping it low-key still
    • using the "experimental" prefix on messaging
  • Shane working on jetpack, nothing released yet


  • We commit to quick turn-around for any security problems
  • secreview is underway, but not ready to review initial diagram yet.
  • client-side implementation upcoming, but not until after the first "release"


  • What data do we need to collect
  • How do we collect it and hand it off
  • Do we need ElasticSearch?
  • Privacy discussion will begin when list of collected/wanted data has been prepared



  • Demo/overview of the client/server setup needed
  • Docs/links review is in progress
  • Test plan needed - ETA is Friday
  • Plan is to work with Lloyd and Shane, starting Wed with live demo


  • demo friday - basic session state/logout display in the browser
  • upcoming features


  • blog
  • product pages
  • meeting agendas for the future: wikimo/Identity
  • new UX point person? - faaborg potentially, but TBD

Other - roundtable


  • schedule meeting with metrics to define exactly what we should log [dm]
  • meeting betw Lloyd/Shane & QA on Wed or so. [lloyd]
  • lloyd to update VM bug and request second vm inside MPT for prod. [lloyd]
  • ben to write up session stuff for sec & priv - send to sid to review [ben]
  • 2-month roadmap by Monday (Ben & Lloyd & Dan)
  • Dan to figure out identity mailing list (public)