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  • ben on PTO starting wednesday, coming back aug 1st (10 days total)


  • robustifying stuff
    • reprioritizing based on current success
    • additional VMs on the way
    • migrating to MySQL
    • ability to deploy to beta, eventually with no downtime
  • roadmap
  • blog posts
    • blog posts planned: 1 on how browserid is decentralized, another on privacy
    • want to get community to give us feedback, blog about that
    • bigger faster than expected. need to tell people that verifiers will change
  • faq
    • on the wiki but mostly empty
    • dan to delegate on faq


  • diagrams put together, sent for review/feedback
  • will be on wiki after they're ready
  • ben: fixes for known problems are mostly ready except for one (later today)
  • logging requirements: ben & yvan to talk about setting it up
  • reaching out to plugin writers for CMSes and tell them they can come to us for help


  • planning path for sec review and production
    • document template exists, needs to be filled out, zandr to send link out
  • new VMs on the way, next day or two. one right now.
  • new cert for beta
  • new star cert required for
  • need to spin up discussion for how we want to store/use our private keys [ben]



  • next steps