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  • Session support addon
  • Session API document
  • Beta & dev environments status - done
  • MySQL port on dev branch

Security & Privacy

  • Will update diagram based on latest changes
  • Most sec review complete, waiting for filed bugs to be fixed
  • Sid to start privacy review


  • VM deployments - done!
  • DNS - done!
  • SSL certs - done!
  • Key handling
  • Scalability path - how do we know how scalable we are
    • Dan to get in touch with Jeff Vier


  • Beta tested latest train, put in 18 issues so far
  • Test plan done, will change as needed
  • Would like to use Bugzilla


  • Meeting on Friday to review positioning
  • Talking to Bryan also
  • Waiting on Mozilla vs Firefox strategy
  • From a dev perspective: timeline needed, by when do we need the name


  • Lloyd to get Anurag what he needs


  • Bryan & Andy join the team!
  • BrowserID site has a lot of pages - removing pages
  • Let's keep the developer docs in github
  • Main page will be the account page (if you are signed in)
  • If you don't have an account, main page explains what it's about and gets you to sign up



  • Need a roadmap to get an idea of what's coming up, whether we're on track
  • Stefan available to help out with mobile development!