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Last Week's Actions

  • roadmap needed
  • post-mortem on security bug, plus script

Ben needs to get to these above

  • Start the front end code necessary to remember last chosen email per site.

Shane is working on this

  • Find JS performance information related to arrays & math operations.

DONE - Shane sent email

Major Progress


  • API-breaking changes: we should get that in the release process. Havi?
  • bcrypt change --> Yvan.
  • Lloyd wrote up first draft of primary support. will send to mailing list.
  • Austin meeting with Christian to talk about field guide.
  • Platform update (ddahl):
    • In review on window.crypto.getRandomValues() bug 440046 bug 673432
    • In review on bug 665057: "Design and implement crypto API for Mozilla ID" bug 665057

Security & Privacy

  • third-party review of BrowserID, two components: review of the whole + separate review of crypto components. Proceed in Q1 assuming everything is ready to go. Follow-up with a conversation. Yvan will schedule.
  • new quarterly goal is to maintain security review. Going to be a quarterly update of review.
  • Yvan to produce CEF logging library for node.js


  • need to invite Jeff and Pete


  • The 10/06/2011 Train made it successfully through Beta this week
    • Many issues were filed against the new UI, as expected.
  • The first BrowserID Test Day was a great success!
    • A number of new issues were found against the 10/13/2011 train that was pushed to Beta last week.
    • Response was very positive for BrowserID, especially with the new/updated UI.
  • More week this week on the 10/13/2011 Train in Beta
  • QA to get some help from Lloyd on the BrowserID install issues on our ID2 VM.


  • Stormy now joining the meeting.
  • Brainstorming session on branding.


Metrics Identity Dashboard. On Track for Friday - 10/21 Show-n-Tell


  • Bryan will crank through issues.