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Last Week's Actions

  • roadmap needed
  • post-mortem on security bug, plus script

Major Progress


  • Android 2.2, 2.3 support
  • Lots of smoothing out rough edges
  • Error values for all network calls, working on a better abstraction/generalizing.
  • In review on bug 665057 "Design and implement crypto API for Mozilla ID", should have a patch for ID team to play with very soon -ddahl
  • bug 440046 is very close to r+ (window.crypto.getRandomValues) -ddahl
  • bug 673432 "Implement window.crypto.getRandomValues for e10s/mobile" is in smaug's review queue, already has f+ from mfinkle -ddahl
  • sasl-browserid - unit tests under continuous integration
    • platform team security review today
  • Mozillians - second round of UX testing
  • Affiliates - code review, unit tests busted

Security & Privacy

  • third-party review meeting coming.
  • good shape on client security for the add-on.
  • privacy-wise, much progress, some tidbits waiting on Ben.



  • The 10/13/2011 Train made it successfully through Beta last week
  • QA is now working on our tenth train:
    • Bug 696415 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.10.20 to production
  • QA to get some help from Lloyd on the BrowserID install issues on our ID2 VM.


  • hole for tech document --> need tech writer.
  • decentralization a problem.
  • need a branding decision soon.


  • aiming to finish dashboard by Wednesday
  • Lloyd will create a top-RPs list soon.


  • in mt. view for apps work week
  • working with AMO on login page Desktop / Mobile
  • cleared 4 star issues
  • need to get back to shane on several questions