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Last Week's Actions

  • roadmap needed
  • post-mortem on security bug, plus script

Major Progress


Security & Privacy

  • brown bag on Wed around infrasec, reviews. Public.
  • CEF logging library coming along.
  • on privacy: data flows are complete, nothing glaring has come out as privacy risks.


  • working w/security on rolling out auditd
  • this week: deploy split keysigner, more monitoring, more mysql/replication/failover automation


  • The 10/27/2011 Train made it successfully through Beta last week
    • Bug 697785 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.10.27 to production
  • QA is now working on our twelfth train:
    • Bug 699962 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.11.03 to production
  • QA is working with Lloyd to get BrowserID running on our ID2 VM.
  • QA is also working with OPs on the RPM issues found on our ID2 VM installs.


  • christian sent a plan with calendar. Everyone fill in calendar.
  • getting help on tech documentation this week.
  • patrick finch filling in on value prop. later this week.
  • branding decision 4-6 weeks out. Prior to xmas break. met last week first.





  • calendar of items needed by end of quarter and who owns what.
  • QA calendar/wiki to plan Dev then Stage stability testing before Prod goes live