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Last Week's Actions

  • roadmap needed
  • post-mortem on security bug, plus script
    • will do during work week.
  • calendar of items needed by end of quarter and who owns what.
  • QA calendar/wiki to plan Dev then Stage stability testing before Prod goes live
  • tech documentation from engagement

All are in progress.

Major Progress

  • large amount of dev this past week.


  • "keep me signed in" feature, required by apps team, implemented and in beta (sans 'allow persistent' flag - a 5 star issue)
  • train-2011.11.03 into production
  • train-2011.11.10 into beta WITH BLOCKERS (will not ship next week, but up for testing)
  • dbwriter process split off - process split required for prod hardware to be complete this week
  • "Native Client Facilitation Server" proposed - a way to accelerate prototyping browserid in native (mobile/desktop) apps
  • Starting to rely less on JavascriptMVC and their templates, using EJS directly.
  • Flattened out client code structure for easier discoverability.
  • Have started on a module system to replace JavascriptMVC, using it initially as an experiment for the profile.
  • Starting on profile model/initial form controller/tests.
  • sasl-browserid security review bug 684085 almost complete, no open bugs.
  • BrowserID login flow on OpenPhoto screencast.
  • Started Etherpad hacking

Security & Privacy

  • brown bag last week.
  • 3rd-party reviews meeting this week.


  • staging/loadtest environment hardware has landed and is mostly built
    • seriously beefy fast hardware
    • waiting on network ACLs, ETA monday
    • should have browserid software running by EOD tuesday (
    • start load tests as soon as we have the scripts to drive it
  • prod scl2 hardware has also landed
    • still waiting on new load balancers (not a blocker for testing)
  • mysql replication/monitoring strategy fleshed out (doc coming)
  • working with infra-sec on documentation, vuln scans, more reliable CEF logging, and RSBAC rollout


  • The 11/03/2011 Train made it successfully through Beta last week:
    • Bug 699962 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.11.03 to production
  • Now working on our thirteenth train:
    • Bug 701934 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.11.10 to production
  • Still need help from Lloyd and Petef on the BrowserID install issues on our ID2 VM.
    • To that end, what is the current status of the RPMs for deploying to ID2?
  • Working on wiki to track OPs build-outs for Dev, Test/CI, Stage, and Production.
    • Will post link as soon as it is ready
  • Needs the current status of all deployment environments - will catch up with OPs this week.
  • Actively doing inventory on QA devices to make sure we are covered for iOS5 on iPhone and iPad.
  • Working with Shane on Unit Tests for Beta/Stage.
  • Working with Austin on a Manual Test App.
  • Action Item: work more closely with AMO/Apps team to help with BrowserID testing - automation, etc.


  • mailman + BrowserID. Awesome.


Syncing with lloyd today + 2mrw wrt identity log sync time.

  • for filing bugs, use "front end component" and prefix summary with "identity"


  • new potential feature: get the unverified email address.


  • working 2012 roadmap for browserid + innovation group