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Last Week's Actions

  • Ben to send Crystal and Mary baseline security requirements for clicked links in email.
  • Dan and Ben to consider load-balancing impact of base domain names vs. www.*

Major Topics

  • improving information flow in a distributed team: Yammer? More open tool?


  • Trains moved to two week cycles,
  • Frontend: Changes for UX testing, bug fixes
  • Etherpad progress Dev environment bug 698110
  • [GECKO platform / ddahl] A native property is now functional and has a test suite, however, still needs some tweaks to produce the proper JOSE formatted keys and assertions, see bug 665057
    • Question: DSA algorithm, NSS only provides 1024/128bit, does BrowserID default to 2048/256?
    • Question: are we moving to ECDSA only? Let's make sure NSS provides the correct curves
    • Action: I need a walk through of the existing JOSE JWT/JWK formatting produced by our code
  • [Findings] The Mozilla DOM team prefers event-drivin DOM APIs. They probably will frown on our callback-driven during review

Security & Privacy


  • browserid phx1 buildout continues
    • machines kicked, network ACLs next
    • then loadtesting, cross-DC DNS testing, etc.
  • supporting train in stage, going to prod this week (Wednesday?)


  • Train 20: Stage
    • Bug 723755 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.02.02 to production
    • Bug 721455 - Deploy localized browserid to stage
    • Bug 723775 - Create/Deploy l10n preview env for browserid
  • Hot Fixes:
    • #1 for #1059
    • 1059: Use l10n-all config file when building locale data.
    • #2 for #1063/#1058
    • 1063: Hotfix 1058 forgot password
    • 1058: Two new issues with the dialogs for 'forgot password' (train-2012.02.02)
  • QA action items
    • Test planning for new UI changes/flows (desktop/mobile)
    • QA sanity testing of Prod deployment to PHX colo (delayed till late Feb/early Mar)
    • Client-side Selenium II automation
    • Work with Pete to finish up RPM install and configuration of QA environment (ID2)
    • Usage planning for new Test/CI environment
    • Test planning for upcoming BID/Etherpad and BID/ work



None. Dashboards seem to be chugging along well.





  • Ben/Lloyd show ddahl JWT
  • Christian needs a better front-line demo