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Last Week's Actions

  • Ben/Lloyd show ddahl JWT
  • lloyd & christian to work together to figure out nature and cardinality of front line demos
    • DONE
  • give anurag feedback on the metrics dashboard (see brainstorm link above)

Identity Dashboard Brainstorm


Major Topics


  • Good progress of Primary Support
    • Delegate authority
    • Refined caching
  • Starting to see community members playing with their own primaries
    • Improved scripts/check_primary.js

FF & Platform

Security & Privacy


  • multi-DC work delayed due to some legal delays getting contract w/dns provider signed
    • this week, hopefully.
  • petef PTO on thursday, friday
  • starting work on l10n-preview env


  • Work continues on Train 22: Bug 732142 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.03.01 to production
  • We are blocked on the following issues for this release (duplicated during Friday's Test Day):
    • 1133: iOS - must click on radio button to select email address.
    • 1286: Unable to select other accounts on Android
  • Completed another successful Test Day for Persona/BrowserID
    • QA will be reviewing the notes today and opening issues if needed
  • Completed work on load tests with OPs to cover the following fixes: #990, #1011, and #1211
  • Working with OPs on the PHX1 build-out
  • QA action items
    • Test planning for new UI changes/flows (desktop/mobile)
    • Test planning for logout everywhere, shared computers, new api
    • primary authority delegation
    • Coordination of client-side Selenium II automation with Travis-CI for automation
    • Work with Pete to finish up RPM install and configuration of qa2 VM
    • Usage planning for new Test/CI environment (OPs build-out) and for Travis-CI environment
    • Test planning for upcoming BID/Etherpad and BID/ work



  • schedule a followup with Gilbert


  • met with Luke Wroblewski (consultant)
  • worked with Lloyd on shared computer
  • nailed down when/where passwords will be requested for new user flows with Ben
  • brainstormed future of with Dan

this week

  • develop KPIs to track success of design in meeting business and user goals
  • prepare for breakout sessions at work week