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Last Week's Actions

  • Ben/Lloyd show ddahl JWT
  • give anurag feedback on the metrics dashboard (see brainstorm link above)

Identity Dashboard Brainstorm

  • schedule a followup with Gilbert

Major Topics

  • work week.


  • release this week on 3/28.

FF & Platform

  • (ddahl) - Made some progress on bug 673432 "Mobile implementation crypto.getRandomValues" - this bug also governs re-adding a crypto object to window on mobile platforms
  • (ddahl) - Continue moving the ID platform keygen (nsIIdentityKeyPair) to it's own set of source files in PSM

Security & Privacy

  • imminent pull request for CEF logging.


  • supporting train-2012.03.14 in stage, moving to prod wednesday (bug 735882)
  • l10n-preview work delayed by a week or so (AITC-related work is taking priority)


  • Work Week last week
  • Ioana Budnar from SoftVision has volunteered to start writing test cases for us
  • Testing continues on Train 23: Bug 735882 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.03.14 to production
    • Emphasis on new UI flows, TOS and Privacy info, primary delegation, new locales, etc.
  • Hot Fixes 1, 2, and 3 are out and being verified:
    • 1312: Add new locale: Bulgarian (bg)
    • 1331: etag of sign_in does not correctly update in all circumstances
    • 1324: dbwriter nagios probe returning 400 rather than 200/404
  • QA action items
    • Test planning for logout everywhere, shared computers, new api
    • Coordination of client-side Selenium II automation with Travis-CI for automation
    • Work with Pete to finish up RPM install and configuration of qa2 VM
    • Usage planning for new Test/CI environment (OPs build-out) and for Travis-CI environment
    • Test planning for upcoming projects/products: Proxy IDPs,, BID/Etherpad and BID/
  • Scheduling
    • Services QA team will be splitting time across BID and the April AITC work.




  • KPI dashboard defined during work week.


  • talking to people about privacy concerns (FB as proxy)


  • goals needed
  • flag day end of Q2.


  • Q2 goals