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Last Week's Actions

  • everyone/LH JP interested in dev engagement, talk to Christian 
  • [MOVE TO AUG 15th] LH to blog about bug bounty 
  • [DONE] DC to reschedule BigTent security review (#742809) 
  • DM to work w/ JF, CB, and KV (Karthik) on plan 
  • DM to look into where broader profile fits in. 
  • [IN PROGRESS] BW & FM go over sec review and engage next review steps 
  • GJ: We need Persona stickers. [+1] (Working with SMartell & CArnold) 
  • [SLIP] BA to formalize escalation plan with mmayo 
  • [DONE] ZC to look into minimizing all unnecessary logging 
  • [IN PROGRESS] TO to catalog security review needs for Q3 
  • MT to tell us about recordings of user research sessions? 
  • [CONTINUES] BA, LH, JP, PF to involve Tauni is as many coordination threads as possible 
  • LH to identify priority task list for beta 1 
  • [IN PROGRESS] PF to provide feedback on front page of

Main Threads

= Crews = 

  • devops hoe-down Wed/Thur this week
  • stabilization rocking through 5 stars, ephemeral instances
  • go-to-market crew: good responses from whole team
    • not yet "one password." so we have to evolve that story
    • staging plan to be rolled out
  • explore crew

Dev (including FF & Platform)

  • JH: selenium tests second pull request coming in today, should go in smoothly
  • ST:  Bug Fixin.  Fixin bugs.  Lots of bugs.
  • ST:  Going to be pinging people to find out the status of lots of bugs.
  • SM: stabilizering. ps, Windows support pending 2 PRs. \o/
  • DC: BigTent is code complete; just need to merge in design stuff & do sec review

Security & Privacy

  • Simon Bennetts (moz sec researcher) going to use selenium tests + his zaproxy tool to pen test user flows. JH providing help as needed.
  • TO cataloging security review needs for Q3 & opening communication with curtisk


This week

  • Wed 10am in Kung Fu : How Service Ops Deploys Browserid
  • Following jrgm's vagrant work to try to create a vagrant setup to test puppetized changes to nagios, nginx, zeus etc. prior to deploying to stage (to have a dev environment for the operations portion of the application)


Train 33 - train-2012.07.30 - is not being deployed    to stage environment; test instance is at

  • QA testing against that for current issues and going back over old 5-star issues


  • [AE] Nothing to report; answering questions as they come in and working through a comprehensive proposal.



  • Reinvented automation code, working on plans for an actual product


  • German Facebook users study is in. Will send out report this week.
  • August 28-29 mini-workweek for anyone interested in frontend/strategy
  • Finished in-field studies; working on grokking all data


Product Marketing




  • DC - BigTent to get security review (scheduled for week of August 20)
  • DC - Persona really does want its own SuMo section. Request it.
  • ST - Going to be bothering everyone about various open bugs
  • TO creating bugs for KPI
  • BW to loop in francois on security review
  • ST to send out PR guide to mailing list.


  • JP PTO in Boston next week (aug 4 - aug 11) 
  • JH PTO tuesday 8/7
  • LH PTO 8/7 & 8/9
  • TO Aug 8 - 10  - OOO
  • ST PTO 9/5 TO 9/11