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Last Week's Actions

  • [ST] - Fix myfavoritebeer not saving beers!
  • everyone/LH JP interested in dev engagement, talk to Christian
  • [MOVE TO SEP 20th] LH to blog about bug bounty
  • [ON ICE] DM to work w/ JF, CB, and KV (Karthik) on plan
  • DM to look into where broader profile fits in.
  • [ONGOING] BW & FM go over sec review and engage next review steps (
  • [ON HOLD] BA to formalize escalation plan with mmayo
  • [ONGOING] TO to catalog security review needs for Q3
  • MT to tell us about recordings of user research sessions?
  • PF to provide feedback on front page of
  • [ONGOING] ST - Going to be bothering everyone about various open bugs
  • PF : landing page needs work; redefining content for this page is in the works
  • CB: stealth numbers page analytics
  • [DONE] CB/TO: work week booked


  • Go-to-Market
    • PF in London, will be meeting with CH re: planning blog posts / social media for Beta 1
    • New developer-centric landing page copy getting finalized in
    • We need a deprecation plan and API commitment. Please see / respond to the email in your inbox.
    • We have shirts! PF will handle distribution and mailing when he gets back to MV next week.


  • Started staging release candidate rpm, blocked on schema migration
    • Issues probably resolved as of Monday noon
    • staging rpm is next step
  • Limited Ops resources due to Sync issues and 4 day work week
  • Working with Sheeri our new DBA :)
  • [JH] Documenting Selenium tests
  • Thursday, 9/13 - target for new schema change


Dev (including FF & Platform)

  • [JH] stabilization work continues
    • lot of failures over the weekend to investigate
    • need to sync deployer and jenkins to avoid false failures during deployment
  • [JP] b2g v2 ongoing
  • [JP] Working with Harald Kirschner on native identity for android-sync
  • [JP] talking with Harald K about FireFox Accounts IdP for sync

Security & Privacy

  • [Fr] security review of RP API


  • [Fr] reviewed test cases on bug 781838 ( and redirections)



  • - Found out last week that Our current credentials apparently will not work for beta, and we had not been given well, any credentials or access info :) Could smeone push this through, and possibly just set up a metrics account ahead of time & let us know when new data sources are available going forward?


  • specs, mocks, and testing plan for SkyCrane (password manager in Fx desktop)
    • super remember me
    • pincode lock
  • continuing work week logistics



  • [DC]: MDN is a good state, but missing IdP API docs. Punting on those until after Beta 1
  • [DC]: BW and DC working on stabilizing id-specs to match reality

Product Marketing





  • CB: out Friday to volunteer at the XOXO Conference