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Last Week's Actions

NOTE: Next Monday, October 1st, this meeting is cancelled. It is a travel day for the Identity work week.

B2G Update

  • we have an agreement with how Identity will be implemented
    • details to be announced soon
    • there will be Persona support in first version of the phone


  • new crew: DB review - Lloyd


  • Supported Beta release
  • A new selenium based prod monitor in place


  • Beta 1 launch blog post is ready to go
  • Coordinated launch with PR / PR will do outreach to key stakeholders
  • Use of The Times video for promotion of Beta 1 cleared
  • New landing page content done; won't be ready to be deployed for Beta 1 launch and will come shortly thereafter
  • We're creating a short Persona screencast for the launch
  • SUMO articles updated to match current flows
  • We need a blog post to publish on Hacks. Anyone have time to write one today/tomorrow?
    • Summary: All systems GO for Beta 1 launch
  • Slip announcement by 24 hours - Wednesday
    • PR is asking for an extra day
    • we have permission to use YouTube clip from the Times


[Fr] prototyping a card server: [PS] working on user testing skycrane with Crystal

Security & Privacy



  • Persona Beta train shipped in production 09/28 evening after a very long day. Many thanks to atoll, ozten, lloyd, gene and everyone who made all the code possible.


  • - error when returnTo is empty or set to "/" - stomlinson has fix pending (and has been reviewed, ready to merge)
  • - post-mortem on overnight prod monitor email failures
    • jrgm worked with socketlabs api to see if I can get useful info, but the time of delivery numbers provided are way off reality
    • we should consider getting our own account with socketlabs or other to avoid shared queue
    • jedp has a system in place to constantly track times; increase interval?
    • next steps: toxborrow to coordinate; find out what SLA we have, etc.
  • - MySQL database doesn't re-connect during deployment w/o restart ★★★★★
    • so far can't reproduce; jrgm will continue test in stage when he has more sudo cowbell




[ST] - (perhaps should be in Exploration?) super basic prototype of SSO - working! Create account on then visit - watch upper right hand corner [ST] - Working on font middleware to server locale/browser specific fonts to save download resources. Review and help coming from zcarter.

  • [SM/LH] We re-did the Github tag system. There's now areas and milestones.

Product Marketing




  • [BA] Hacks blog post written - today
  • [LH, DC & DM] screen cast with callahad - today
  • [OZ, aelliot] Follow up with metrics issue
  • [PF, DM} Bring Christopher Arnold in and clarify our plan with Partners moving forward
  • [DC, BA, TO] Q4 Goals : SkyCrane design goals to be outlined


  • [LH] PTO & Training Tu-Th (Sep 25-27)
  • [JH] Puppet training in SF Mon-Wed this week (Sep 24-26)
  • [ST] Oct 19th to speak, Nov 2nd for Visa, Dec 3rd for mini-break
  • [BW] Oct 10th conf, Nov 9+12 conf, Nov 26th vacation