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Last Week's Actions

  • [PF, DM] Bring Christopher Arnold in and clarify our plan with Partners moving forward
  • everyone/LH JP interested in dev engagement, talk to Christian
  • [MOVE TO SEP 20th] LH to blog about bug bounty - Lloyd, any update on this?
  • [ON ICE] DM to work w/ JF, CB, and KV (Karthik) on plan
  • DM to look into where broader profile fits in.
  • [DONE - spinning down that "crew"] BW & FM go over sec review and engage next review steps (
  • [SLIP] TO to catalog security review needs for Q3
  • CB: stealth numbers page analytics
  • [SLIP] TO schedule time to discuss - evolution of our data - storage moving forward
    • Reminder: Tauni at dentist will be out for this meeting


  • idps broken in dev:
  • dialog module ownership of sorts since lots of folks are touching it.
  • This week is code slush / DDT / get ready for train-2012.10.26
  • get involved in the "how to get involved" page :)
  • Technical blog series kicks off today! woo jedp! woo memory leaks! woo!

B2G Update


  • CORE - Final translations due today for train-2012.10.12
  • Cross-crew project discussion this afternoon at 3:30 pm to clarify priorities and work order
  • Shane wanted to discuss the dialog stuff coherent and ensure we keep it coherent. He'll bring up in today's meeting

Test Automation

  • currently: 8/14 proposed test areas covered
  • last week:
    • a few tests & test runner checked in
  • this week:
    • infrastructure focus
      • command-line runner, travisCI, ephemeral integration
    • Shane refocusing on testing + jrgm shipping the train = way more firepower to round up infrastructure tasks
  • Jared out W-F
  • next week:
    • final round-up: merge into dev, integrate with jenkins, clean up docs

Dialup Performance

Security & Privacy


Services Ops has approved the move of puppet logic to github! Secret stripping into hiera begins this week




  • iOS mocks for Skycrane
  • mocks for first-run experience for the addon and extension

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement


  • [PS] Working on Chrome extension and cross-browser password form detection for The Vault.



  • [TO] Project Management off-site Oct 25th+26th
  • [JH] Oct 24-26 movin' ***updated: now out Wed-Fri***
  • [AK] PTO 10/26
  • [ST] Full-Frontal Conference 11/9 (jared drools)
  • [BW] Nov 9+12 conf, Nov 26th vacation
  • [DC] Nov 11th-ish: Speaking at
  • [ST] Dec 3rd for mini-break
  • [Fr] Nov 30th: Mozilla Auckland trip
  • [Fr] Dec 4 -7: speaking at