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Last Week's Actions

  • [COMPLETE] [PF, DM] Bring Christopher Arnold in and clarify our plan with Partners moving forward
  • [SLIP] everyone/LH JP interested in dev engagement, talk to Christian
  • [SLIP] [MOVE TO SEP 20th] LH to blog about bug bounty - Lloyd, any update on this?
  • [ON ICE] DM to work w/ JF, CB, and KV (Karthik) on plan
  • [ON ICE] DM to look into where broader profile fits in.
  • [IN PROGRESS] [DC, Shane, FM] FOSDEM '13: Callahad & Francois to draft proposal


Crew Updates


Accomplished: Client-side:


Planned for this week: Client-side:

  • Jed:
    • Better notification when persona is off-line (gaia doesn't actually notice particularly well)
    • Marionette tests galore
    • Implement onmatch()




  • train-2012.11.09 deployment delayed till monday due to short week, has QA green light
  • train-2012.11.21 (to be retroactively) branched from commit cdc6e5b - dev is open
  • new tasty automated tests merged
  • next week is target for merging primary transition UX stuff for bigtent

Dialup Performance

  • Accomplished last week:
    • added prefetching of dialog resources to the communication_iframe
    • works great in Firefox on simulated 2G, but not on dialup
    • prefetching is disabled in Chromium
  • Planned for this week:
    • setup kpiggybank and measure the improvements we have so far
    • submit prefetch pull request
    • investigate font delivery middleware

Firefox Accounts

  • liuche:
    • will be figuring out what server to provision accounts with
  • Brian:
    • started in on the client-side code, and updated the API spec a bit in response to some problems discovered in the process.
    • Planned for this week:
dig deeper into the client-side code and probably spend a day drawing pictures of the different phases.



  • Met with Jed in person (yay) and walked through some code
  • Inspired by that meeting, I spent the short week playing with awsbox and dorking around with express, jade, backbone and
  • Looked a little bit at other Identity metrics

Planned for this week:

  • File ticket and start working with Gene on deployment
  • Commit config tweak for tests
  • Get my head around existing documentation about KPI requirements and set up meeting with skinny



  • latest dev version of chrome add-on always available from (from @zaach)
  • initial skinning of website complete, WIP: (from @zaach)
  • a host of UI improvements implemented and in progress (from @automin)
  • an abstraction to simulate infobars in chrome add ons ready for use and integrated: (from (@lloyd)
  • team is laser focused on generating a user testable artifact so skinny can get this in front of actual people

Test Automation

  • Hit our weekly milestone: Vista/Chrome, our platform of the week, is looking 90%+ stable over recent runs
  • Next week's target is stabilizing Vista/IE9 & continuing to work on open bugs
  • Hopefully early next week for Sauce contract signoff

Security & Privacy


  • Staging and production deploy schedule?
  • New 36 hour change control notification for production changes


  • QA signs off on train-2012.11.09 -- needs respin for L10N and stage deploy for quick check, and then a production push, which gene says can be tomorrow.
  • train-2012.11.23 was cut and target deploy is first week of December
  • I am behind on getting caught up with b2g, bigtent, etc.



<<<<<< IN MTVIEW Weds-Fri >>>>>>

  • Prep for steering committee meeting
  • continuing stakeholder interviews
  • review Fx Account implementation on Android

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement




  • [BW] Nov 26th vacation
  • [TO] vacation day 26 Nov
  • [Fr] Nov 30th: Mozilla Auckland trip
  • [ST] Dec 3rd for mini-break
  • [Fr] Dec 4 -7: speaking at