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Last Week's Actions

  • [IN PROGRESS] [DC] FOSDEM '13: Callahad to draft proposal
  • [SLIP] [MOVE TO SEP 20th] LH to blog about bug bounty - Lloyd, any update on this?
  • [ON ICE] DM to work w/ JF, CB, and KV (Karthik) on plan
  • [ON ICE] DM to look into where broader profile fits in.


  • Steering Committe Update for the Crew
  • Callahad will be speaking at in March
  • Crew Updates
    • utilizing team status more productively that could be rolled up into a weekly report
  • South by Southwest - Christopher Arnold (8 - 12 March)
    • who is going to attend from Identity? Thunder was scheduled to attend

Crew Updates




  • lloyd and seanmonstar have been kicking much butt:
    • list_emails - rewritten
    • localStorage knowledge (verified, type) migrated to server
    • certs in local storage cleared on new issuer
    • secondary <-> primary screens finished and hooked up
    • updates to wsapi calls to update lastUsedAs


  • (# 2710) version lock api requests to send custom HTTP header with git

sha Next Steps:

  • Writing more tests
  • Update the release schedule

Core =

Dialup Performance

Firefox Accounts

  • no new updates
  • Francois enroute to OSDC in Sydney (4 - 7 Dec)


Accomplished this week:

  • Filed ticket for Gene to kick off process for kpiggybank deployment
  • Met with skinny to go over dashboard requirements
  • Meeting with thunder on Friday to get parting thoughts
  • Poked around crash-stats and other metrics/visualizations examples

Planned for next week:

  • Talk to other folks to get big picture for persona metrics
  • Follow up on kpiggybank deployment plan
  • Work through some ideas on dashboard improvements based on this week's conversations



Test Automation

Done this week:

  • Chrome/Vista and FF16/Vista continue to look rock solid, no regressions there.
  • We missed our weekly milestone: IE9 is not stabilized, but we made good progress. One major bug (#2805) remaining.
  • Sauce contract 100% complete.

Next week:

  • Finish stabilizing IE9
  • Node tests will be released in the next train, update Jenkins in stage & prod as the next train rolls out
  • Set up Sauce overflow account, which has to use a separate API key & will require some added infrastructure (#2806)


  • train-2012.11.23
    • we need to get gene's two commits to dev on this train
    • (I'm gonna punt on two PR that we chatted about a bit; they are not strictly needed on this train).
    • when that is done, need an rpm spun and deployed on stage
      • for l10n, there are no string changes that I know of that weren't already in train-2012.11.09, so we can just take the current set of available strings and not need a separate respin for l10n
    • I begin a medium size load_gen when that's up and begin testing
  • had a lunch (thanks 6a68) and a phone screen for services qa last week; will be following up on both today. Actually just chatted with shea on IRC during this meeting (which distracted me from this meeting).



Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement

  • [Fr] Presenting at OSDC on Friday
  • [Fr] Third Node.JS blog post (client-sessions) - also thanks to Llloyd
  • [DC] Persona talk accepted at PyCon US 2013!
  • [WB] Sumo Docs getting written
  • [DC] Lots of followup with IdentityNorth and folks




  • [ST] Dec 3rd for mini-break
  • [Fr] Dec 4 -7: speaking at