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REMINDER: Today's meeting starts at 12:30 PM PST in CYA


Meeting Notes

  • webRTC:
    • Sean met with webRTC team; they want to use Persona for authentication (platflorm side)
    • signin team wants the ability to sign in and your operators are still there
    • presentation went 'extremely' well
    • using physical locks & keys really got the message was across
    • the presentation was recorded & link posted once it is live
  • QA has new person starting next week in Services and a second person soon!

Team Status


Signin to the Web

  • Wondering about our train schedule? Wonder no more, Lloyd created an awesome tool that clear up any questions about where we are with our schedule


Dialup Performance

KPI / Metrics

  • aelliot is working on new metrics dashboard (replacing/updating the pentaho dashboard)
  • kpi-dashboard to go live with next train, load testing & reviews this week:



  • PICL = Profile In the Cloud
  • Goal is to fix and build a better product (beginning with v1 for FF Desktop / FF Android):
    • user set-up
    • meet user expectations (back-up, etc)
    • scalability (utilizing the cloud efficiently)
    • FFOS will be targeted v1.1
  • schedule will be published in the next fortnight


  • need to find previous work native in Firefox
  • need a good pitch to phone operators why the should be an IdP
  • Social API needs single sign on solution


- train-2013.02.01 is on stage now, and testing underway - we have new hires coming real soon now for services QA - ozten has noted a blocking issue for bigtent and he's looking through that.


Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement




  • [ben] Feb 1 - 10 (ben will look at "urgent" emails; not others)
  • [shane] Feb 3 - FOSDEM; Feb 4 - 5 OOO
  • [dan] Feb 3 - FOSDEM
  • [francois] PTO / public holidays Feb 4 to Feb 6 (NZ time)
  • [warner] Feb 14 -18
  • [psawaya] working in boston Feb 18 - 22
  • [ozten] Feb 25 - Mar 1
  • [tauni] Feb 25 - Mar 1
  • [ozten] Apr 1 - 12 - confirm dates with ozten
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9