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  • Have you signed up for note taking?
  • MWC update - Todd (& Lloyd)
  • Big Tent update from Callahad & Gene
  • A node.js blog schedule can be viewed at:
    • Zach's post is due to Robert today
    • Lloyd is up next with the subject: "Deploying NodeJS services" - awsbox
      • blog post deadline is Monday, March 18th
  • Blog Postings (on main identity blog)
    • Ben proposing to take some of that on
    • and to lead Beta2 coordination in the process
  • Coordination: how often are you reading up on teamstatus?

Meeting Notes

  • MWC, busy, successful, set good high expectations to live up to, constant demos, inspiring
    • Persona on phone is important! Meaningful federated identity system is the hard road, but important win for users
    • Supporting these users is an important priority
  • Welcome back James Bonacci!

Signin & big Q1 goals

  • Signin team is juggling 5 important Q1 goals (including B2G support)
    • assessment due Wed for each goal, with 2/3 key dates leading up to the goals
    • make any hard calls about priority quickly

Big Tent

  • Mission critical goal (Beta2 & BigTent)
    • Figure out what needs to be done to get it into production
    • Need a week in production before we can do Beta2
    • 9 April is drop dead day for hitting deadline for making Q1 goal
    • Don't want a quality dip right before we go to press
  • BigTent blocked on QA
    • 5 star bug, Yahoo mobile (upstream issue, same bug on stack overflow)
      • Maybe not a five star if its found on other major sites?
    • Proposal: revert stage back to train-2013.02.15 which is current production, to focus on BigTent testing against current production (current train going well enough)
  • IRC meeting to pull BigTent plan together


  • Ben jumping in to take on Beta2, will ask for help where he needs it
  • Dan handing off workflow from Beta1 to Ben for Beta2


  • Gen can now provision the environment in region (sans code)
    • need AMIs for bigtent, proxy
  • BigTent + Proxy tier is standalone product in AWS, without moving everything else in lockstep
  • All of the pieces need to be moved from SC2 by April deadline


  • B2G continues to rock
    • Jed solved memory issue on B2G by making process not long lived
    • If phone kills app due to memory usage, no solution for that problem yet
    • Platform team: perhaps they can help, they are open to helping if they can -- lay out requests for them

Blog postings


  • A node.js blog schedule can be viewed at:
    • Deadline tonight for Zach's post
    • Lloyd is up next w/awsbox, his deadline in two weeks 3/18 (Lloyd will speak up by tomorrow if that is infeasible)
    • ozten on deck for 4/1 deadline with l10n-abide
  • These posts are important and have been well received
    • Really good text coming out, these posts have a really positive impact
    • Good recruiting tool!

Identity team blog

  • To give the blog some life, Ben is jumping in and doing some posts
    • No master plan yet, jump in if you are interested
  • Ben will answer question about whether Persona is doomed (framed differently)
  • Good idea to reference back to other posts

Persona Adoption Wins

  • Metrics dashboard: triple our usage from Jan 1! Above 30,000 users per day
  • Props to Dan for landing Discourse! Awesome stuff.
  • Badges for adding Discourse to blog
  • Skype call to use Persona on Discourse site itself (?)
  • Using leverage to get Discuss to do Persona as well

Team Process

Teamstatus: is it a useful read? (Ben reads it, so do several other team members, not everyone)

  • Send Ben and Tauni a one liner by email on what change could be made to get you to read teamstatus once a week

Team Status


- need to deal with this soon: (too-early assertion expiration on b2g) - good first stab at merging dev and b2g with 6a68; actually considerably less painful than anticipated :) - UX updates need scheduling

Signin to the Web

  • Wondering about our train schedule? Wonder no more, Lloyd created an awesome tool that clear up any questions about where we are with our schedule


Dialup Performance

KPI / Metrics

  • Changes lined up, waiting on security review and qa blessing for kpi - live


Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)

- Shane Caraveo feedback for native identity patch super helpful (re demo of native sign-in patch)



  • train-2013.03.01 built and deployed to stage with some preliminary testing -

  • For bigtent testing, we may want to move stage back to train-2013.02.15 which is current production and (hopefully) get that out next week.
  • I've put up a c1.medium awsbox to test 2003.03.01 if we roll back to 2003.02.15 on stage -
  • there are a few open issues at the moment with bigtent
  • I am happy to take anyone's help in testing bigtent ;-)


Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement



  • [shane] Mar 4 - 8
  • [warner] Mar 8
  • [francois] March 6-11 (Open Source Days)
  • [francois] March 11-15 (in London with Shane)
  • [francois] March 16 - April 7 (working from Eastern Timezone)
  • [francois] March 22 - 25 (LibrePlanet)
  • [warner] Mar 14-18 (pycon), Apr 4-12 (PTO London)
  • [ozten] Apr 1 - 12 - confirm dates with ozten
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9