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NOTE: Due to MOCO, we'll start today's meeting at 12:30 pm PDT.


Meeting Notes

  • identity signin offsite in Vancouver in May. PICL offsite TBD.
  • Jared up next on Nodejs blog series
  • working on an identity public calendar open to all
  • End of quarter March 31 - need to deliver the scheduled goals
    • jrgm is behind on BigTent
  • jrgm needs help from jbonacci, karl for bigtent this week
  • good reception for FFOS at MWC - need to move forward on the b2g merge
  • current train-2013.03.01 will go to production 3/13
  • Add questions regarding groups on agenda moving forward
  • callahad (Dan Callahan) at PyCon this coming week and speaking. Please say hi to him if you are also attending.

Blog Schedule

  • A Node.JS Holiday Season blog post summary can be viewed at:
  • Jared is working on the next blog post: "Fantastic front end performance, part 3 - Serving up fonts"
    • Deadline is Monday, March 18th, 5pm PDT

Team Status


  • trying to keep b2g-identity from getting stuck if network drops
  • will get back to the b2g/dev merge this week
  • worked through some new UI screens for identity flow with skinny + marissa; waiting for final screens - we'll need to schedule this

Signin to the Web

  • Wondering about our train schedule? Wonder no more, Lloyd created an awesome tool that clear up any questions about where we are with our schedule


Dialup Performance

KPI / Metrics


Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)


  • planning to sync up with ekr this friday, i think?


  • I am behind on Bigtent work - other updates?
  • kthiessen will help jrgm with bigtent however possible, but may need some specific direction.
  • Finishing 2013.03.01 train this afternoon - respin redeploy for L10n string today too.
  • production deploy for 2013.03.01 on Wednesday - will file ticket today.


Business Development

DC: Working with an EVP, lead dev, and product manager at Ting to improve their Perosna integration. Planning to highlight them in my PyCon talk. DC: Meeting Tuesday with one of NudgePad's cofounders to discuss Persona integration.

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement

  • DC: PyCon US this weekend! Speaking on Saturday the 16th around 4 PM Pacific.
  • Fr: Spoke at Open Source Days in Copenhagen this past weekend



  • [francois] March 11-15 (in London)
  • [francois] March 16 - April 7 (working from Eastern Timezone)
  • [francois] March 22 - 25 (LibrePlanet)
  • [callahad] March 14 - 21 (PyCon US)
  • [warner] Mar 14-18 (pycon), Apr 4-12 (PTO London)
  • [ozten] Apr 1 - 12 - confirm dates with ozten
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9