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Topics for Discussion:

  • we need notetakers in April
  • talks talks talks: they're really helping adoption, please present anywhere you can
  • everyone, easter is coming, stockpile peeps (EOM)
  • focus this week --> quarter is almost over!
  • BigTent Status Update
    • blocker - issue 165 - we're trying to resolve by today (jared and lloyd)
    • pending resolution of the former, targeting wed. deploy
    • we need a dev point to support ops/qa wed-fri (benadida)
  • Warning - network maintenence planned for this week sometime
    • expected 3 1 minute outages
    • we will verify failure mode is only blocked acct creation
    • we will dust off the master failover procedure and have sheeri on deck
  • Work week update:
    • currently scheduled Monday, May 6 - 10
    • will send out instructions to everyone once we have 'official' approval

Meeting Notes

  • Stock up on the after-Easter half-price peeps for Peep Jousting. Event time and detail TBA.
  • New RPs are pushing login stats from 10k/day 3mos ago to 70k now. Conference talks are the engine of that growth. This is our product marketing effort since the product marketing team is busy with FxOS.
  • Work week still not confirmed.
  • picl product wrangling is ongoing - please take a look at the flows posted on the list that crystal sent out
  • BigTent - launch this Wednesday
    • KPI schedules - launch this Thursday, optimistically. Will likely be pushed out by BigTent.
    • will revist the KPI schedule on Thrusday; focus between now & Wednesday is BigTent
    • gene working this weekend; jrgm volunteered if needed
  • 3rd party cookies - need review of proposal of using onready instead of onmatch - look for email from stomlinson on dev-identity@ - This is a high priority for Open Badges.
  • Q2 GOALS draft is going out this week.

Blog Schedule

Team Status


  • Merge dev->b2g is now clean. All tests pass. Refactoring has started. Rejoicing has commenced.
  • jedp will re-deploy b2g this week with new branch (bonus: can now rebase dev and get performance improvements w00t)

Signin to the Web

  • stomlinson & 6a68 put their heads together to beat down disabled 3rd party cookies. .watch API acts like .get for users with 3rd party cookies disabled without changing current API semantics or overriding .watch. Review and discussion needed.


Dialup Performance

  • stomlinson is working on automating basic performance testing.
  • jedp can't wait to redeploy b2g with this

KPI / Metrics


Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)



  • beginning testing of production instances of bigtent
  • blocker bug noted above


Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement



  • [francois] Mar 16 - April 7 (working from Eastern Timezone)
  • [zach] Mar 21 - 26 PTO
  • [francois] Mar 22 - 25 (LibrePlanet)
  • [callahad] Mar 25 - 28
  • [lloyd] Mar 27 - 29 PTO
  • [shane] - UK celebrates Easter. Off Mar 29 & Apr 1
  • [ozten] Mar 21 - Apr 5 PTO
  • [warner] Apr 4-12 (PTO London), [jury duty apr 29 - may 3, uncertain as usual]
  • [skinny] Apr 7 - 19 OOO for UX workweek 7-11/PTO
  • [kthiessen] May 23 - 28 [BayCon over Memorial Day weekend]
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9