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Topics for Discussion:

  • We need notetakers in April
    • thank you seanmonstar!
  • PiCL end of quarter wrap video
  • Beta 2 launch April 9th
  • BigTent went live last week! CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved!!!
  • Work week update
  • Ben's points:
    • KPI launch - on track [ben thinks], let's confirm
      • final security review (Joe S./Katie) taking place today
    • Yahoo email alias bigtent failure - next steps
    • project focus in Q2 - Q2 goals

Meeting Notes

  • seanmonstar is today's notetaker
  • we turned on BigTent for Yahoo last week!
    • Email AddressGuard is a meanie
    • These aliases can't be used through Yahoo's OpenID authentication
    • We broke login for a very small percentage of users who use these aliases.
    • We're going to take our time and find the proper solution for this, not a big revert.
    • If we had taken Big Tent down on Saturday, it would have signalled that we were going to keep it off until everything was fully fixed. There might be a huge opportunity cost in fixing 100% of the corner cases.
    • The cost of improving dramatically the experience for 99% of users might sometimes involve getting a few corner cases wrong and then working on fixing them later. We try hard to avoid these, but it may sometimes happen.
    • Issue:
    • Ben to send his thoughts on dev-identity to open discussions
  • mozilla project focus in Q2
      • gigantic focus on performance of firefox os phone
    • we're going to look at performance of Persona of Firefox OS phone
  • finalizing Q2 goals:
  • workweek is still in holding pattern
  • next tuesday is our public Beta 2 launch
  • kpi us ready to push after security review
  • picl team will have a demo of all their Q1 work later today
  • check out warner's delta-sync demo video:

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Dialup Performance

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Business Development

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Docs & Engagement

  • [Fr] talked at LibrePlanet
  • [Fr] talked at HTML5mtl
  • [Fr] sent proposal to RMLL



  • [francois] Mar 16 - April 7 (working from Eastern Timezone)
  • [francois] April 5 PTO
  • [callahad] OOO April 8/9 speaking at Montreal Python
  • [shane] - UK celebrates Easter. Off Mar 29 & Apr 1
  • [ozten] Mar 21 - Apr 5 PTO
  • [warner] Apr 4-12 (PTO London), [jury duty apr 29 - may 3, uncertain as usual]
  • [skinny] Apr 7 - 19 OOO for UX workweek 7-11/PTO
  • [kthiessen] May 23 - 28 [BayCon over Memorial Day weekend]
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9