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  • Have you signed up for note taking?
  • Welcome Danny!  :)
  • PiCL BrownBag scheduled May 1st
  • Work week reminder:
    • everyone got their passports?
  • Zach & Shane are speaking at Front-Trends in Warsaw this week
    • Zach: 25 Apr - Building Languages in JavaScript
    • Shane: 26 Apr - Everybody hates passwords - your site doesn't need one
  • Native Team Update
  • Identity staff - improvement discussion

Meeting Notes

  • Welcome Danny! Welcome Didem! Goodbye Ben's Hair!
  • Didem will help us think through how to make Persona successful in the market (e.g. marketing)
  • workweek is in two weeks: check your passports and flights and hotel.
    • Send agenda ideas to Tauni.
    • Will videoconf with Security team (in MV).
    • Sheeri (DB guru from IT) will be there thursday.
  • zach+shane speaking this week in warsaw
  • native update (the third team, after signin and picl): jedp is the (one) full-time member of Native Team, will need things from Signin, will provide things to PICL.
  • User Profile team is now reporting to Ben (ed [tech lead], max, olivier), will start attending this meeting next week
    • [Action]: Tauni - add them (UP) to Identity staff
    • so four teams: Signin, Native, PICL, UP (User Profile)
    • UP is generally adding new (computed) data to the user's profile, rather than managing existing/original data
  • from IRC: warner loves collaborative note-taking
  • Danny will sit in on PICL initially (esp scaling backend servers), but will evolve as needed. Will be at workweek.
  • tauni: how to use our weekly meeting best. proposal: each team picks a rep, gives a 1-2min update. Send improvement suggestions to tauni. [+1 from jedp ]
  • ben loves the demo videos, very useful for upper-level management. Sometimes PICL is easier to demo (greenfield, new visible code), maybe signin or more abstract protocol stuff is harder. But give it a try, don't worry about dazzle. warner: try a whiteboard video, see how weird it'd be.
  • Async videos
  • 1 minute updates
  • Freaky Fridays keep the momentum to set aside time
  • ckarlof has contacted interns, is matching them up based on interest
  • didem: marketplace+apps folks had a problem with persona last week, in-app purchases, came up with a quick dirty solution, need help. matt basta? packaged apps, without origins? ben is on it, he suggested the hack (app://guid?)
  • tauni is organizing sessions for workweek: . Hoping for high-level ideas to be written down by end of this week. Please add specifics to the etherpad.
  • please look at the picl/signing collaboration etherpad: , has consequences for signin team

Interns [ckarlof] I've heard back from the interns with their interests/goals for the summer.

Blog Schedule

Team Status


Signin to the Web

  • Main site now uses dialog for signin/signup.


Dialup Performance

  • 25-33% faster communication iframe load on 3G! (asynchronous bidbundle)
  • francois has a PR to increase this further using prefetching.
  • automated performance testing PR out, needs help from KPI

KPI / Metrics

  • PR out to get last result for performance testing - needs to be made better


Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)


[jedp] ekr taking our desktop patches and running with them


  • Sign-In
    • testing AWS stage with extended load - have an issue that needs more investigation (plus investigating dynamics of ELB with load test). SCL2 shutdown may have been delayed post Apr 30, but going to keep working towards that date. But we may want to take some time to get stability, monitoring, alerting issues more solidified.
  • PiCL
    • Making good progress on Picl-Server and related tech: Hapi, Marteau/Vaurien, SimplePush. Need some help parsing/understanding all the messages in the server logs.
    • Had problems getting PiCL-Client working on Mac and Linux. Will work with Chris to debug
    • Need to try out the PiCL-Android stuff from Sean
  • General
    • Services QA team has a couple b2g phones to play with (both unagis?)
    • Services QA team now has a shiny new Win8 Surface Pro for testing


Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement

  • [francois] talk accepted at Open Source Bridge (June)



  • [francois] public hoiliday on April 24 (Pacfic time)
  • [skinny] Apr 12 - 23 PTO
  • [jared] PTO Fri Apr 26 & Mon Apr 29
  • [warner] - jury duty apr 29 - may 3, uncertain as usual
  • [warner] - conferences may 17-22
  • [kthiessen] May 23 - 28 [BayCon over Memorial Day weekend]
  • [warner] - conference june 24-26, PTO july 3-5
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9