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  • Have you signed up for note taking?
  • General Updates:
    • A warm welcome to our interns Vlad & Ryan S.!
      • Vlad & Ryan S. will be based out of the SF office
      • Vlad your mentors are: Chris (primary) & Zach (secondary)
      • Ryan S. your mentors are: Jed (primary) & Shane/Sean (?)
    • Another warm welcome to Ryan Feeley our new UXD for Persona
  • Team updates
    • B2G
    • PiCL
      • Brown Bag - what is our new confirmed date? Ben to confirm
    • Signin
    • UP
      • holding a user-value finding workshop for most of monday (today 5/20)
      • traveling to NYC this week to meet with potential partners

Meeting Notes

  • New folks this week
    • Vlad Filippov - Based out of San Francisco. Working on PiCL.
    • Ryan - Based out of San Francisco. Working on Persona + WebRTC.
    • Ryan Feeley - UX Designer based out of Toronto but in San Francisco this week.
  • B2G
    • Jed & Shane thank everyone who is holding off on their merges to help us out.
    • B2G itself will ship July 1st, so there is a bit of breathing room.
    • B2G Persona code should be shipped in the 06/05 train.
  • PiCL
    • Worked on PiCL IdP
    • Ryan worked on a Cassandra backend
    • Ryan, Chris and Tauni are meeting with product
    • PiCL Brownbag date forthcoming
  • Intros!
    • This team is awesome. And massively distributed. And awesome.
  • SignIn
    • Support FirefoxOS
      • Feature lockdown for 2 weeks in support
    • Moving first DC into AWS this week - expect excitement
    • We locked out 8-12% of Yahoo! users, Austin has fix staged
    • GMail identity bridging kick off this week
    • Mozilla IdP - Make logging in using a Mozilla address will make use of Mozilla IdP
  • UP
    • Out on a fact finding mission - will introduce themselves next week
    • Get content personalization and ads without tracking
  • Callahad's keynote at cf.Objective() went really well, a ColdFusion module has been developed since.
    • Looking for book chapter reviewers for Ember.js in Action -- Chatper 9 is all about Persona!
  • Didem pitched Persona to Berkely last week. Several sites are interested but have some questions regarding security. Jed and Francois going to help out.


    • is anyone from UP interested in mentoring an intern?
      • yes depending on what the intern is interested in working on, Max can from MV and Ed remotely

Blog Schedule

Team Status


Signin to the Web


Dialup Performance

KPI / Metrics


Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)



  • working on validating new stack for production AWS
  • train-2013.05.08 - need to update the rpms on the stage aws instance
  • train-2013.05.08 - required database change; not in production and need to figure out how to do this ALTER TABLE user.


Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement

  • [francois] speaking at AusCERT on Friday (Australia)
  • [callahad] Gave the keynote at cf.objective() 2013
    • Huge, positive response. Converted several folks to Firefox on the spot thanks to the new dev tools.
    • Slatwall, a super nice eCommerce platform, is working on implementing Persona
    • Greg Moser, a dev on Slatwall, has already published a cfpersona module:
  • [callahad] Joachim Haagen Skeie, author of Ember.js in Action ( ) is working on a new chapter dedicated to Persona. He's looking for proofreaders.


PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • [ben] May 20 - PTO
  • [kparlante] May 17-20
  • [chris] PTO - May 17 - 20, conference May 24
  • [warner] - conferences may 17-22
  • [francois] AusCERT May 21-24 [Australia time]
  • [kthiessen] May 23 - 28 [BayCon over Memorial Day weekend]
  • [ryan] PTO May 26-29, and June 4
  • [francois] JSConf US May 27-31
  • [rfkelly] May 26-30, Jun 4
  • [warner] - conference june 24-26, PTO july 3-5
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9
  • [shane] Jun 6th-Jun 7th