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  • Have you signed up for note taking?
  • General Updates:
    • A warm welcome to Hannah
      • Hannah Quay-de la Vallee will be based out of the SF office
      • Hannah your mentors are: Chris (primary) & Lloyd (secondary)
    • Another warm welcome to Andy Chilton
      • Andy is based out of New Zealand & will be in SF this week
  • Team updates
    • B2G
  • TOS/PP redux
    • PiCL
  • working on a proposal for Platform team and new "queue-sync" idea
  • Ryan providing lots of good lessons for current Sync server implementations
  • integrating heka into PICL servers
  • exploring "bring your own storage" idea
  • implemented UX signin mocks
    • Signin
  • Fixing the KPIs
  • TOS/PP Updates
  • gmail-bigtent aka sideshow

Meeting Notes

  • Jed's daughter doesn't like dirty jokes [correction: she just doesn't *tell* me any good ones]
  • jrgm hoards all the dirty jokes
  • Jed can tell jokes pretty well
  • New hire: Andy Chilton
  • New intern: Hannah Quay-de la Vallee
  • Gene: Persona is running entirely in AWS except for the master database
  • How will the transition to Jay affect Persona?
    • No expected material changes, but some hiccups
    • Supportive of Persona
    • Highlight what we want other people to know
  • Dan observes it's hard to get a Firefox OS phone
    • Maybe possible via ServiceNow (request sim card as well)
    • Karl suggests now is the time to ask
    • Ben says report back on any hiccups so we can improve the process
  • UP not fully public yet, but we should be more public in the future
    • product management will eventually figure out a strategy for more public dev for UP
  • Ryan: "What does the word 'Beta' mean in Persona?"
    • Ben: Beta is jarring, but gives us the ability to maintain some flexibility in the dev APIs
    • Hopefully will move out of Beta sooner than later
    • Suggests taking the question to the public list


  • is anyone from UP interested in mentoring an intern?
    • yes depending on what the intern is interested in working on, Max can from MV and Ed remotely

Blog Schedule

  • We are working on launch on new blog series. Stay tuned for more information soon

Team Status


  • [jedp] to do: summarize woes and interesting platform issues for primary delegation
  • [jedp] starting to work on sign-in-to-device with skinny et al

Signin to the Web


Dialup Performance

KPI / Metrics


Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)

  • [jedp] Akshay Kaytal (MrDHat on irc) has started as a GSOC intern, focusing on contacts merging on FirefoxOS; interested in picl and sign-in-to-device on fxos in connection with that


  • [jedp] rseys and i met with ekr last week; working on setting up:
    • rtc auth module using frame script for persona internal_api
    • api in RTCPeerConnection module
    • standing up a persona idp that implements new stuff (specifically adding peer connection key fingerprint to assertion)



Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement


PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • [shane] Jun 6 - Jun 7
  • [zach] PTO June 7
  • [zach] PTO June 12 -14
  • [james] PTO June 13
  • [james] PTO June 20
  • [chris] PTO June 26 - July 5
  • [jared] June 5 PTO
  • [warner] - conference june 24-26, PTO july 3-5
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26 - PTO
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9 - PTO