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  • Have you signed up for note taking?
  • General Updates:
  • Mozilla IdP goes live this week - w00t!
    • How are we going to communicate to moz-all this week?
  • Monday updates in MOCO
    • Someone in MV/SF or vidyo? Rotate who provides updates? Point at wiki for more info?
  • We need more volunteers for notetaking.
  • Blog series: we've completed our Node.js winter series
    • I like to discuss starting a new series
  • PRISM & Persona
  • Rob self-intros + sets up 30min 1:1 mtgs w/ Id Team members.

Background about me:

Meeting Notes

  • Welcoming the NSA to our weekly meeting!
  • Mozilla IdP goes live this week. We need to communicate that to all@mozilla somehow.
    • (Karl and Lloyd are on it)
  • We need to get our plan together to make the weekly updates happen.
    • Hopefully all sorted before Friday afternoon (for the following Monday). Ben suggests designating a person by Thursday and it's their job to do it.
    • We got a good email from Dietrich full of advice on how to do it well remotely.
    • Ben and Lloyd have volunteered to be permanent backup speakers for that meeting.
    • Brian will be the first one.
  • Blog series: the node.js winter holiday series is done.
    • It was really successful, can we do another one? (Tauni)
    • Dan suggested that these blog posts be targetted at the identity blog instead of the Hacks blog because we don't regularly post to the Identity blog and it would be good to have more regular content up there.
    • Tauni says that having Robert push us to deliver on time was really good.
    • Lloyd says that many people didn't know aobut Identity Bridging. Dan has a draft blog post on what I.B. means for end-users.
    • Ben will be moving the Identity blog to the main Mozilla blog so that it gets more visibility.
    • Ben suggests we focus on the Identity blog unless we already have technical topics we want to talk about.
    • People that have technical topics ready for a blog series: Lloyd, Shane, Dan, Jed, and two more (couldn't see them on Vidyo).
    • Tauni to work with Dan on a cadence for these posts.
  • PRISM:
    • Mozilla is preparing an official statement, it will say roughly "WTF?" and that we believe in protecting user data online.
    • We need to say something specific about Persona too.
    • We may be the only browser not in the PRISM club, but that's a bit misleading because we don't have any user data they would be interested in.
    • We should emphasize the extend to which we go to limit the amount of user data we have on our data.
    • However, we may be targets in the future because we will have user data in the future. Even something like a list of email addresses could be interesting to the NSA.
    • Mozilla should stand for not collecting data that doesn't serve an end-user benefit. We should push for a legal framework to protect user data wherever it lives.
    • Architecting purely technically around this problem is not going to work. We can't choose to provide some services that users want to have because users will just go to other providers and then we can't protect them.
    • It's not a black-and-white thing, we can't say it's not our problem because it will be. Also, we can't just host our stuff in Europe because we're still a US organization and therefore subject to US laws.
    • It's important to highlight that we're working to limit the amount of data and authority we have. It would be great to see lots of IdPs going live, but realistically, we'll be the (fallback) IdP for a lot of users.
    • We've never boxed ourselves in within a certain technical architecture, we've always said "what's the best technical architecture for these features?"
    • Mozilla should be pushing for the laws to be changed.
    • What's the legality of a three-letter government organisation forcing us to send trojaned JS to some users to MITM them. Hushmail is the one example that is known.
    • We will see Mozilla and other technical companies taking a big stand on this.
    • Ben is very optimistic about this story breaking out. It's not just a technical problem, it's a political problem too.
  • Rob Lord (product manager) -
    • Will be setting up 30 min meetings with everybody on the team to understand what everybody is working on and what they think the direction of Persona is. Tauni can help in setting up these 1:1 meetings.
    • He works with the other product managers to define the scope and what success means for this product. Cross-product stuff.
      • improving the quality of the marketing around the Persona product.
  • Ryan Feeley - Big Tent GMail user testing:
    • A dozen user tests using, fairly advanced users.
    • Testing the conflicts for people that have (and use) more than one Gmail account and try to log into Big Tent GMail.
    • The link to the video will need to be private because it contains too much private information (e.g. inbox contents).
    • These tests highlight quite a few issues with the current flow.

Team Status


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Dialup Performance

KPI / Metrics


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Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement

  • [Fr] Speaking at Open Source Bridge next week
  • [Fr] got proposals accepted at FISL, RMLL and FrOSCon.


Blog Schedule

  • We are working on launch on new blog series. Stay tuned for more information soon

PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • [zach] PTO June 12 -14
  • [james] PTO June 13
  • [francois] Open Source Bridge and IndieWebCamp June 17 - 23 (Portland)
  • [james] PTO June 20
  • [chris] PTO June 26 - July 5
  • [jared] June 5 PTO
  • [warner] - conference june 24-26, PTO july 3-5
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26 - PTO
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9 - PTO