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Meeting Notes

  • MozIdP probably not going live today, discovered alias problems, meeting tomorrow to figure out a fix
  • gene will speak at monday meeting next week 24-Jun
  • sign up for note taking!
  • ben says: yay MozIdP! yay Yahoo BigTent fix! yay gmail bigtent! great Q2
  • maybe do some biz-dev stuff around MozIdP, explain how we do it to small/med enterprises
  • we should do some questionnaires surrounding MozIdP rollout: find out what confusion/questions/issues people have, improve docs to cover them. large/local/friendly audience.
  • rfeeley: do we have something more than to demo persona? more like how google sets up demo sites to showcase new technology. ben cautions about long-term maintenance cost of setting up something fancier. callahad: maybe partner with / sponsor (pronounced "slob-log"). Maybe (goals align) or other petition sites.
  • callahad: can we get some designer time to improve visuals (for RPs)? At least 3 shops have tried to pitch to customers, who balked at the confusing branding/messaging. This would be a highly leveraged convincer. roblord: persona could/should be the "VISA" of login. ckarlof: "Powered By Persona".

Team Status


  • frankly, things are looking rather grim for primaries and b2g
  • we have a short-term fix that shane figured out, should work through v1.1
  • we are definitely going to have issues coming up against moz idp and persona going live for marketplace - if we go live on schedule, incompatibility with moz idp may lock moz employees out of the phone. ugh. (the fix is in the 06.05 train)

Signin to the Web

  • Initiative Updates:
    • Gmail Bridge
      • Dev complete, uses OpenID, RPMs delievered, in stage this week.
      • Still need l10n, security review
      • Hacking on an experimental OAuth fork to solve mismatched addresses.
    • Yahoo Bridge
      • PIN Verification fix, and brute force mitigation merged.
      • Awaiting deployment to Stage
    • Mozilla IdP
      • Starts going live this week. Delayed by an alias bug.
      • Live in 4 regions: 2 US West, 1 US East, 1 Europe
      • Known issues: Requires enabling third party cookies, doesn't work in IE8.
      • Limitations: Will only work with LDAP accounts and aliases, not Zimbra-only aliases.
    • RP Brand Balance
      • No progress. Heads-down on the Gmail bridge.
  • Other notes:
    • Force Issuer Bug
      • We didn't consider forceIssuer in the fallback to primary transition screen.
      • Possible to see transition more often than you should. Working on fix.
    • Potential Stage Hotfix
      • We may have to disable Feura Sans, used on mobile. It doesn't cover all needed locales.

KPI / Metrics

  • Shane's fixes merged last week: these will solve most of our data problems for the new user flow & bounce rate metrics. The updated data will show up with this new train (presumably a few weeks from now).
  • New user funnel views ready for review mid week (although without the data fixes).
  • Met with Lloyd, then Shane and Rob to talk about KPI next steps ... support (metrics based) decision making. Next round of changes will need privacy review.
  • A/B testing: kick off meeting next week to talk about how to do this (not a confirmed goal for next quarter yet, but its on everyone's radar)
  • While we're in planning mode, will knock out a few obvious new views

Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)

  • making good progress with Queue-Sync protocol: it might just work
  • built basic demo of proposed platform API, showing to platform folks for feedback
  • working on signin/signup mocks with Zhenshou and Crystal for clickable UI testing
  • initial exploration of "bring your own storage" by Vlad, our intern. Watch his first demo:
  • MrDHat starts GSOC internship today (jedp mentor) see his project here (contacts sync on firefoxos using picl):


  • ryan spent last week at the rtc workweek, jed spent 2 days there
  • have a rough prototype going that mocks assertions (using an actual persona instance and native hosted shim) for the rtc peer connection channel w00t!
  • working on fleshing out assertion flow
  • working on instrumenting the verifier
  • Need to discuss changes to jwcrypto and browserid that adding extra data to the assertion will entail. jedp and tauni scheduling today



Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement


Blog Schedule

  • We are working on launch on new blog series. Stay tuned for more information soon

PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • [francois] Open Source Bridge and IndieWebCamp June 17 - 23 (Portland)
  • [skinny] PTO Jun 17 - 18
  • [skinny] Sweden UX meetings Jun 19 - 20
  • [james] PTO June 20
  • [skinny] PTO Jun 21
  • [chris] PTO June 26 - July 5
  • [lloyd] PTO Jul 1 - 10
  • [jared] June 5 PTO
  • [warner] - conference june 24-26, PTO july 3-5
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26 - PTO
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9 - PTO