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  • summit planning: has everyone registered?
    • ping Tauni if you need any help

General Reminders:

Meeting Notes

[Hannah is this week's notetaker]

  • Euro hacking next week in Paris office
  • Ryan S. is working on a demo for current version.
    • will need security improvements
  • Down to last two weeks with the fearless interns :(
    • Tauni is on gift giving :)
  • Libraries - Node JS released, Perl, PhP, Ruby are in the works.
    • Dan can support Andy on Ruby
  • PiCL - Moving forward w/ milestone 1 integrating accounts w/ existing protocol with sync
  • Dynamically delivered login page (Zaach and Vlad) started in ernest last week
    • links are below in the PiCL section
  • USENIX conf - people buying up twitter/fb/hotmail accounts for nefarious purposes
    • distinctive sign in patterns allow Twitter to identify fake accounts
    • any services with accounts needs to have some sort of fraud management department backing it. This requires collecting data in a way that Mozilla may struggle with
  • Reports from conference in an email from Warner
  • Didem working on organizing Persona meetups in SF and MV. Sept 12 in SF and Sept 25 in MV. Dates in the Identity travel calendar. Helping folks implement Persona on their sites.
    • Ways to get the word out: Eventbrite invites, posted on HN and other venues (like universities)
    • If these events go well, we'll want to do them in other places as well.
  • From Lloyd - Reorganization, moving out from firefox to services under mmayo. Won't change our priorities and projects.
    • Can work better with client teams
    • lloyd reports to mmayo now
  • Questions and concerns?
    • If you know a native Dutch speaker, let Jed know.
    • Hack tomorrow all day in SF, probably on 2nd floor. Stop by and say hi!

Team Status

Native (B2G)

  • working on weekly demos now for Firefox Accounts bridge and related stuff on device
  • probably resuscitating desktop fx w00t! at last FANTASTIC!
  • ozten attended marketplace work-week last week

Signin to the Web

  • IE11 fix in progress - Major IE11 bug where it loses its reference to window.opener
  • Google Bridge - OAuth2 flow working locally.
  • Chrome for iOS - fix landed to work with .watch API
  • Half-way through Single Sign On \o/
  • Q3 goals question: we're halfway there. are we on track?

Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)


  • working with mixedpuppy and dmose a bit today on a clever plan
    • actually a hybrid of our last three attempts :)
  • ekr is getting impatient :)
  • this has been pretty challenging :)


  • Sync.Next/Picl Test Plan (for Sync V1) is now a (mostly done) wiki page.
  • Next is the upselling/early involvement for the QA work to the entire QA team under B Moss.


Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement


  • Sony mtg tomorrow
  • FYI, Rob PTO Aug 26 to Sep 2 -- )^(

Blog Schedule

  • We are working on launch on new blog series. Stay tuned for more information soon

PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • [francois] Aug 16 - 26 (conferences & PTO)
  • [kparlante] PTO Aug 22-23
  • [ozten] PTO Aug 23
  • [francois] Aug 26 to Sep 2 (Paris Persona Party)
  • [jbonacci] PTO Aug 23