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  • Euro hacking on-going this week in Paris office & will not be attending staff today
  • Monday, 2 September is U.S. holiday (no staff meeting next week)

General Reminders:

Meeting Notes

[Jed is this week's notetaker]

  • Light attendance this week - folks in Europe, Austin en route home
  • Next monday is US Holiday - no staff meeting
  • Bay Area peeps - remember, no Bay Bridge starting wednesday evening
  • Andy is in a shed (it's cold in the mornings)
  • Brendan questions having account creation on FTE for B2G
  • JG will be in SF next week to work on account flow ux
  • jedp to send follow-up to group about status of FTE on fxos
  • last week for Vlad!
    • his presentation is on Wednesday

Team Status

Native (B2G)

  • Working on squashing some bugs
  • Slipping sign-in for FTE; was targeted for 1.2; hoping for 1.3
    • still waiting for UX
    • Settings app for account management has not bee defined
    • we're the only component that requires net connectivity for FTE
    • semi off the record, we're also feeling some stop energy from up above
    • all of which amounts to: we aren't going to do this in three weeks

Signin to the Web

Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)



  • Ruby verifier is currently working, but lacking proper tests and packaging


John Gruen and Crystal Will be in SF 3rd-6th!

  • All UX talks, mocks, etc for Identity has a home and has been recently updated with the latest flows for FxOS, Fx Android and Fx Desktop.
  • Preliminary call scheduled with Nielsen Norman Group to talk about a mutual study on web sign in.

Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement



  • train-2013.08.15 in stage; looking to ship this week
  • next train is train-2013.08.28
  • MozIdP security QA should happen this week; expect an announcement of session length improvements late this week or early next.

Blog Schedule

  • We are working on launch on new blog series. Stay tuned for more information soon

PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • [francois] Aug 26 to Sep 2 (Paris Persona Party)
  • [jedp] Sep 4 maybe jury duty