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  • Re-org questions/concerns
  • Update on "the" PiCL (strawplan)! (see notes below)

Great job everyone involved with the RP interviews & the Persona meetup

  • RP interviews took place last week - update from ozten
  • SF Persona Event last Thursday - update from didem, dan, zaach
  • Spread the word - Mountain View Persona Event : engineering support from seanmonstar/zaach
  • Status report archive:

General Reminders:

Meeting Notes

  • lots of folks are in Seattle this week. Seattle != Portland. warner is geographically challenged
  • reorg? where does UX fit in? UX and product are thrown in with engineering. We're all confused. We'll all work together. signin team will talk about priorities later this week.
  • gene asks "is this reorg different from the one lloyd told us about earlier?". no, new one. We're all trying to keep up. That one was identity reporting to mmayo. This one is product/UX now also reporting to mmayo. product/UX are now merged into product-focussed arms, ours is called Cloud Services (distinct from Firefox, FxOS, Platform, Marketplace). org-wide shifting, making multiple products look like multiple lines of business. rlord: what do jay's comments about focus/results mean for us? mmayo: may influence how we build things, frame how we go to market. Bringing something completely new to market is different than providing a well-needed mundane "table-stakes" feature.
  • mmayo: hard to know how to evaluate our projects: what do people really care about, how to influence/improve adoption. Do our products need wide adoption to succeed? To some extent, adoption has seemed like someone else's problem. Who is driving? Responsibility has been spread out, leads to stop energy. With reorg, at the end of the day, mmayo is the decision maker. If we're a service org, is our customer the rest of mozilla? or the end user? Sync might be like Platform: providing services to the rest of firefox/etc, but not a product in itself. Not easy questions. Geolocation: same question.
    • "Cloud" is a horrible word, but sets expectations reasonably well, was chosen consciously.
  • awesome RP interviews happened last week, Persona event in SF, another one next week. ozten will send some email summaries.
  • lloyd on strawplan (picl+persona=?): we defined MVP a couple of months ago, after listening to everyone, had a "fun" Design Review, found three challenges. 1: are we not leveraging/encouraging Persona enough. 2: are we not improving the signup flow (the browser has more info, could use it). 3: are we taking too large of a risk in this post-PRISM world by reducing security compared to Sync1.0/pairing.
    • how to address these, maintain momentum?
    • the plan: Firefox Accounts aren't going away, we need a DB, will have data, will keep pushing on this
    • Persona front+center in sync is interesting adoption approach. Would probably need it native, Persona would need to be out of beta (stable formats, load-capable servers)
    • plan: make minimal tweaks to current milestones, to leave room for adding persona. Prioritize getting native persona out of beta. Give us the room to defer the decision for a couple of months without losing momentum or visibility.
    • callahad: this gives signin team a good goal, helps focus
    • lloyd's goal is to circulate the plan wider this week
  • JGruen sez: RP Interview summary on its way!
  • RP interviews (ozten): john and didem have interviewed a variety of sites. Some use it for the privacy protection, some just add it to the NASCAR collection. Biggest win is simplicity of implementation, some called it "magic". Mozilla is well-trusted in the developer community, some RPs tried Persona just because they trust us. They have good channels to Persona devs. One A/B test: Persona beat google and twitter, lost slightly to facebook. Some users are confused about what Persona is (why am I being sent to a third-party site? what's all this mozilla branding?). Better adoption when Persona button is set apart from the NASCAR bundle, of course. RPs seem willing to work with us to do A/B testing. One implementation problem with a Pyramid (python) web framework, we should put some time into the RP frameworks. Also put some more work into buttons. No one wanted more features. Sites that use social-signon weren't doing anything with the extra user data thus obtained.
  • [action] Determine how much scrubbing do we need to do to make the RP interview write-up public once Johns has posted to staff
  • SF Persona event (callahad): notes are in toxborrow's biweekly email. 20-30 people showed up. Probably didn't hit the demographic we wanted: not a plurality of developers, but several people doing data science. Probably not going to drive RP adoption. Lots of folks doing devices or mobile apps or native apps, internet-of-things stuff, interested in using Persona to somehow connect/combine these things. Recording of the presentation is on airmozilla.
  • rfeeley's pixels: native persona, adding a persona button into the URL bar next to the lock icon or favicon. Wants to be in left-most chevron. Doesn't handle multiple emails so well, should encourage small-number-of-emails. Showed a very cool diagram of the PICL setup/signin/pref flow, some speculative ones, will try to get URLs to make those public.

Team Status

Native (B2G)

Signin to the Web

  • RP branded emails has LANDED
  • Realms going through security review
  • stomlinson going to work on metrics & a/b testing for 1.5-2 months
  • train-2013.09.11 branched

Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)

  • we're continuing to build out "login to browser" on Fx and Fennec
  • still figuring out our "how does this relate to Persona" redux


  • landing patches in nightly:
    • jedp has bigger fish to fry, rseys can help if he knows what to do
  • rfeeley wants to revive TinCan (rseys is onboard)
    • discuss what needs to happen first
      • ssl cert on (startssl?)
      • tincan auth addon advertised
      • land persona changes to sign arbitrary payload (whoa nelly this might take a while)
      • land changes in nightly from jedp & rseys patches (or use addon but prefer patches)


  • Fix for broswerid-verify for node (should check content-type, not just go on status code)
  • v0.46 of browserid-wordpress plugin released.


Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement



  • jbonacci:
    • Continuing to test and investigate the unit tests/functional tests for IDP, FAB, SH, etc.
    • Digging into the IDP and SH load tests - several issues to investigate here...
  • Persona train-2013.08.28 went live last Thursday, next train-2013.09.11 in progress
  • tried out chilts aws/route53 branch and looks good to me.

Blog Schedule

  • We are working on launching a new blog series. Stay tuned for more information soon

PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • Francois: 18-23 Sep (
  • Francois: 25-27 (TRIBE and getting there)
  • Sam 27 Sept - PTO
  • Brian: 2 Oct - OOO fly to Brussels for summit
  • John G: 11 Oct - PTO
  • Brian: 7-16 - PTO
  • Shane: 28 Oct - 1 Nov - PTO
  • Brian: 8 Nov - 11-nov - OOO conference