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General Reminders:

Meeting Notes

  • [lloyd] Our group does have a solid plan for what happens over the next three months
    • Take the time to reach out to project outward and ask questions!
    • Encode the knowledge in a place that can benefit others - Firefox accounts FAQ
  • [toxborrow] The identity roadmap is our beacon of light! It will be updated on a weekly if not more frequently updated basis.
    • Includes milestones
    • On new wiki page updates!
  • [kthiessen] Karl is a bit nervous about FxA code landing Dec 8th and QA has two weeks to test.
  • [toxborrow] We are pushing hard to stay on schedule so that QA has time to test, there may be some leeway.
  • [jbonacci] It will happen! We will be working!
  • [spenrose] We are filling out our milestones to keep QA abreast.
  • [jbonacci] We'll have to work through Dec or work through Jan - my guess is Dec.
  • [toxborrow] This is a tight timeline, we'll keep you informed!
  • [jbonacci] Any info we can gain will be helpful - keep the buildings open.
  • [lloyd] The hope is there is an opportunity to begin before Dec 9th.
  • [kthiessen] If Dec 9th doesn't slip, it's going to be really really difficult.
  • [jparsons] If the schedule gets to the point of being reckless, we are going to back off.
  • [jbonacci] The rest of the QA team may be overtaxed with Firefox desktop work. Edwin can't take it all on his own.
  • [kthiessen] Does 1.3 have a drop dead date?
  • [lloyd] Dec 9th is the date for all of 1.3
    • A period of critical fixes until Jan 20th.
    • Last commit we submit could be to disable to FxA.
  • [edwin] March is go to market.
  • [ckarloff] We are heads down working with Jed & co to make as much forward progress as possible.
    • What are the shared components
    • How can we factor in a way that makes the most sense?
  • [jedp] ckarloff's crew generating a huge amount of supporting code. starting to work from a shared back end.
  • [ckarloff] Details are in our weekly updates.
  • [lloyd] Out in SF on Dec 1st to Dec 6th
  • [toxborrow] Has a conference room booked for the week.
  • [stomlinson] my fingers hurt from typing so quickly.
  • [ckarloff] Worried about the lack of an Identity Product person.
  • [toxborrow] Adam Rogers is the product person for FxA on FxOS
  • [ckarloff] Why haven't we met him?
  • [toxborrow] There is a meeting on the books!
    • We have already been meeting with him to get things going, the first official full group meeting is on Thursday.
  • [ckarloff] We need somebody ringing the bell - Look over here! Who decides what is on the table and what is off the table?
  • [spenrose] Is that for 1.4 or 1.3?
  • [toxborrow] Spin up for 1.3, take over 1.4.
    • Working very hard to make sure nobody is overcommitted and that assumptions are all vetted.
  • [jedp] Adam has met with much of the FxA crew.
  • [ckarloff] Is he FxOS or FxA?
  • [toxborrow] FxOS in general.
    • Working with Chad on Desktop and Karen and Deb on Android
  • [ckarloff] I accepted the meeting!
  • [toxborrow] We have been incredibly product deficient and it has been hurting us.
  • [ckarloff] We need some bandaides and Sam has been doing a bang up job at keeping things together.
  • [toxborrow] I appreciate Sam's effort too!
  • [robdog] Working with Mark to make product changes.
    • As we get processes to support product, product can give more support.
  • [stomlinson] My fingers still hurt.
  • [toxborrow] Any last minute thoughts?
    • Calling the meeting 9 mins early!
  • Adam Rogers is the Product Manager for FxA on FxOS
  • We'll be setting up meetings with Desktop and Android product managers for FxA

Team Status

Native (B2G)

Signin to the Web

  • Brighton work week
  • francois, stomlinson and ozten finished the "Refactor Persona to IdP" work and merged to dev
  • jgruen, callahad, and francois spent a lot of time working out Fx Accounts in the context of Persona

Firefox Accounts



Docs & Engagement


  • jbonacci:
    • working with rfkelly on some new deployment and load test issues
    • working with alexis on AddOns Reg
    • working witih tarek, team, on presence

Blog Schedule

  • We are working on launching a new blog series. Stay tuned for more information soon

PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • Brian: 8 - 11 Nov : OOO conference, PTO 12-Nov
  • Francois: 11 - 18 Nov: working from SF
  • Francois: 13 - 14 Nov: TRIBE
  • Francois: 19 - 22 Nov: OOO conference
  • Karl: 13 - 14 Nov: TRIBE
  • John G: 27 Nov : PTO
  • Brian: 2 - 3 Dec: PTO
  • Katie: 23 Dec - 2 Jan: PTO
  • Brian: 12 - 16 Jan: RWC conference (presenting)
  • Brian: 25 Jan - 8 Feb: PTO
  • Katie: 27-28 March: PTO