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General Reminders:

Meeting Notes

[Andy is this week's notetaker]

  • [jedp] Paid(?) contributors: Work week planning underway for Jan
  • [...] Sign up for that doodle thing:
  • [jedp] Does we need our own environment?
  • [ckarlof]
  • [jed]] Need something that'll be up as much as possible
  • [ckarlof] Gene and Benson working on getting stage up, now is a good reason to have another env
  • [jedp] Questions about scheudule of 1.3. We're commited to 1.4, so is Where's My Fox. We'll continue to land in trunk and gaia/master in time for 1.3, but not kill ourselves jamming into 1.3.
  • [ckarlof] Like to talk the /raw_password, do we have wiggle room for more native support for the protocol?
  • [jedp] initial thoughts, want to put something in people's hands, but plan correctly for 1.4.
  • [ckarlof] what are we going to support in production?
  • [jedp] let's pick it up at the 4 o'clock meeting.
  • [karl] Do we know if we've got buy-in for relaxing the schedule?
  • [jedp] We've always been commited to 1.4. We were asked if we could get it in to 1.3, and we said we weren't entirely confident. So they put us in 1.4, but it'd be awesome if we hit 1.3.
  • [karl] Is it clear to the people above us?
  • [jedp] Product, WIMF etc all know about it.There's been some confusion as to who is in control of the schedule, but the bad-ass schedule is becoming "the" schedule.
  • [spenrose] Was telling people about Dec 9, but then people think it's real.
  • [callahad] Just back from PTO. Stabilising the spec, with others in Brighton. Working to fit into FxA without it being shoehorned.Trying to get first draft of the specs out. Me and djc reviewing.
  • [ckarlof] Is the markdown page the current thinking? (this:
  • [djc] Didn't get other buy-in other than on the mailing list.
  • [callahad] Will take a look.
  • [ckarlof] It'd be nice to keep the principal (aka subject)'s value as an object so that extra properties can be attached:
   * {principal: {email: <>, <prop2>: <val2>, ...}} // {subject: {email:<>, <prop2>: <val2>, ...}}
  • ... probably needs more discussion
  • [warner] need to make sure we have backwards compat with verifiers etc
  • [callahad] Currently doing other stuff, can switch if needed. May need to stand up a new meeting for sync between jedp, callahad, ckarlof, warner?
  • [ckarlof] Thanks to DJC for starting all this discussion.
  • [karl] jrgm has ran some load tests, planning on pushing 10.23 today or tomorrow. Some other stuff needed for the next train.
  • [jedp] Thanks for reconciling all trains.
  • [ckarlof] Sync.Next: Nothing to report.
  • [jedp] Move on to UX?
  • [jgruen] Pushing out some stuff for 1.3. Need some feedback, perhaps push some demos out and see what people say.
  • [jgruen] Docs and engagment. Repurposing didem.
  • [...] QA. Nothing much to report.
  • [jedp] Anything else to add? Have a good day.

Firefox Accounts

Action items:

  • fxos needs a stable 'test' server. what's best? work with existing or launch new?
  • either is a good answer (nightly Dev vs. weekly Dev, etc) - let's talk to Ryan when he comes online
  • also, once Stage is up, QA will move off of Dev
  • ideally, the remote teams should be using something stable like Stage (which is a WIP)





Docs & Engagement


Blog Schedule

  • We are working on launching a new blog series. Stay tuned for more information soon

PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • Francois: 19 - 22 Nov: OOO conference
  • Sean: 20-29 Nov : PTO
  • Tauni: 25 Nov - 3 Dec : PTO
  • John G: 27 Nov : PTO
  • Shane: 28-29 Nov
  • Brian: 2 - 3 Dec: PTO
  • Chilts: 16 Dec: Birthday
  • Chris: Dec 18-Dec 25
  • Katie: 23 Dec - 2 Jan: PTO
  • Brian: 12 - 16 Jan: RWC conference (presenting)
  • Brian: 25 Jan - 8 Feb: PTO
  • Katie: 27-28 March: PTO