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FxA workweek taking place in San Francisco this week

  • What I want to learn!
    • I want to learn how to build FirefoxOS for a ZTE Open using a custom gecko and Gaia.
    • Has anyone successfully updated a Keon (mine doesn't seem to work, should I bother)? (minor) [chilts]
    • i don't think you can do that - we can't flash our own stuff to the keon (can we?)
    • Or an Inari (jbonacci)
    • yes - lloyd and spenrose have ZTE Opens opened
    • All about FxA for the web. (me too, -F)
    • What FxA looks like everywhere.
    • Whats the state of fxa-client, fxa-auth-server, and fxa-content-server and how stable/testable are each?