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General Reminders:

Key wiki pages to point folks at:

Meeting Notes

[jed is this week's notetaker] i am note-taker!

  • John's name has an 'h' in it
  • Accelerating Sync - take it away, mmayo:
    • lots of work done thus far driving towards better usability (incl fxa)
    • a challenge has been how to organize for cross-team work
    • historically, nobody who reported up through Desktop owned the sync code
      • has been a challenge
      • don't want to tackle this with the idea that one team will build it all
      • want to empower the client teams
    • but it's been hard to have anyone on other projects (Android, Desktop, etc.) to say "sync is the most important thing"
    • we've gone another year as Moz without a better sync experience entering the market. that feels kind of crummy
    • in 2014 - the only way this will ship is if this is a #1 priority for the organization (android, desktop, et al.)
    • what we (=== product owners) have agreed is: set highest-priority item for desktop and android to be sync.
      • put sign-in to firefox with accompanying sync flow into market
    • target to land for ffx 29 (yes, aggressive - february 2014)
      • we are going to ship something that on the back-end looks like sync
      • and on the front-end has a better auth flow
      • that is quite aggressive
      • but also, so much work has been done, mmayo doesn't think we're too far from doing this.
      • maybe we won't get it all perfect
      • but the goal is to land at the end of next month, shipping to customers in may
      • FYI - NIghtly is already at 29.0a1. Should go to Aurora first week of February.
      • two opportunities for 2014
        • 1. a lot of (say 30M) users signed up to fx accounts by end of 2014. believe that puts us on a path to having influence in the world of the cloud (up to 100M users by 2015)
          • nb we still believe that sync is the primary user utility we can put behind fx accounts in 2014
          • we're going to gamble that we can get our first release done on the current protocol
          • don't expect the current protocol to be able to scale to 100M
        • 2. competitive pressures at play ...
      • uncertainty: if we get N more sync users, how does that change our overall uptake? don't know
    • to accomplish this, cross-team/product collaboration is going to become much more important
      • exact team assignments in flux; we'll have it settled by tomorrow
        • android seemsmore clear
        • desktop a little less clear
          • trying to line up platform talent
    • kick-off tomorrow (tuesday dec 17) AM
      • people are disappearing. - e.g., ckarlof pto later this week
    • Q: any documentation for the current sync state-of-affairs on the wiki?
      • overall approach, nothing is changing; picking a time-line in which to ship, and we have buy-in from rest of the org
    • nb if we need to uplift, we can uplift
    • if we didn't have working prototypes for almost all these things, we wouldn't be trying this. a big goal, but to me [mmayo], it feels possible.
    • mmayo to be present in all kick-off and daily meetings
      • kthiessen promises to be in touch
    • Q: who owns this thing?
      • that would be mmayo
    • Q: is "durability" on the table for 29?
      • we have time to get this done by release date
    • Q: scope creep? can we get to a product-stable definition asap?
      • lloyd: given the time constraint, we have scope freeze. if we're going to do this march, there's a limit.
  • "mitigration" is the word of the day
  • jgruen notes that by definition, over 50% of participants must die for it to be termed a death march
    • also, jgruen and rfeeley are conjoined by some invisible tether. cut it, and they die. (nb, north-eastern commuter airline travel puts us at risk of losing all UX/UI)
  • "decisiveness" is another word of the day
    • we won't really know who's involved until we've had our kick-offs and gotten everyone in the room
  • in wake of sync decision, spenrose will work with arog to pare back any features possible for fxa on fxos 1.4 h/t jedp
  • jgruen: can we get numbers on who's using the current sync product
    • ckarlof has numbers, but they're a bit old
  • ckarlof: let's start talking about sync issues today at the fxa meeting at 4
  • yet another, different, and beautiful picture behind 6a68's head in this call

Firefox Accounts

  • [FxA on the web] Getting infrastructure set up, initial screen flows work.

FxA on FxOS

Adam Rogers and Tauni have created a tight structure for 1.4 work between now and March:

 User stories with detailed acceptance criteria -> final UX -> engineering

Adam's "Committed" stories match what we have in mozilla-central and Gaia PRs awaiting review

 - Kudos to Jed and team
 - except for Settings integration, which Jared and Sergi of Telenor are syncing up on
 - sheet "Firefox Accounts", Committed and Targeted
   + note the Acceptance Criteria in each story bug
   + more engineering bugs coming to fill in the tree this week

John is revamping the UX to match the stories Working with Adam and Tauni, I've drafted an engineering roadmap:

 - main ideas:
   + get excellent 1.3 work landed ASAP, certainly mid-January
       - we're kind of at the mercy of our reviewers at this point, so this team can't commit to too much in this respect
   + get to beta *quality* and stay there
   + fill feature and acceptance holes with *small* patches
   + we want a calm February
 - partners seem receptive, negotiating specific responsibilities

Adam and others are exploring multiple product partnerships for FxA on and off device


  • Data format / spec work nearly done; ongoing.
  • Work ongoing on a unified FxA / Persona verifier codebase.
  • New train rolling to production this week.




Docs & Engagement


PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • toxborrow: 16 Dec - PTO
  • Francois: 17-19 Dec - working from Wellington
  • Chris: Dec 18-Dec 25
  • Katie: 23 Dec - 2 Jan: PTO
  • James: 12/13, 1/2, 1/3 PTOs
  • kthiessen: 2-3 Jan PTO (returns from holidays on 6 Jan)
  • chilts: 6, 7, 8 (1/2 day) Jan PTO
  • Francois: 6 - 10 Jan - conference in Australia
  • Brian: 12 - 16 Jan: RWC conference (presenting)
  • toxborrow: 13 - 17 Jany :: Eng. Program Mgr Work Week
  • chilts: 13-17 Jan, Working from Catalyst's Offices (Open Source Academy)
  • Brian: 25 Jan - 8 Feb: PTO
  • Katie: 27-28 March: PTO