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  • Welcome back Skinny!  : )
  • Sync 29 update
  • Thank you Sync team (Ryan, Danny, Chris, others I may not be aware of) for quick raw_password server standup to help out FxOS team!

General Reminders:

Key wiki pages to point folks at:

Meeting Notes

[ jedp is all upons being this week's notetaker]

  • Any updates on work week?
    • mark proposed end of february - but it's short notice - lloyd will confirm
  • Verifier stuff?
    • lloyd to spend all tuesday on it; it's close



  • has now discarded flip-flops, is back to wearing down



tracking milestones and progress: meeting 2x weekly - standups working prototypes, but still a lot of work to do esp UX rough spots, transition from old to new sync

FxA on FxOS

  • FxOS 1.3 Q/A found Persona UI issue, probably not our code
  • Gaia monster patch landed! Yay!
    • Still waiting on one small gecko update
  • Jared, Fernando, Sam on 1.4 tasks
    • Adam, Tauni, Sam extensive conversations with MP and WMF
  • WMF @ WDC is a big deadline (early Feb)
  • Final-ish UX due any day now



Docs & Engagement


PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • John G: 10 - 13 Jan : PTO
  • Brian: 12 - 16 Jan: RWC conference (presenting Sync/FxA)
  • stomlinson: 20 Jan : conference
  • Brian: 25 Jan - 8 Feb: PTO
  • Jared: 31 Jan: PTO
  • Ryan: 20 - 28 Feb: PTO
  • Katie: 27-28 March: PTO