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This week we're try a new format for the monday meeting. There's three parts: 1. Status - Where are we at on our three major initiatives? (ckarlof), FxA on FxOS (spenrose), and Persona (callahad) 2. Awesome - What happened this week that was awesome? 3. Help - Where could you use help? What is blocking you?

  • Awesome and Help are fully led by the crowd, if there are 12 seconds of silence we move onto the next topic.

General Reminders:

Key wiki pages to point folks at:

Meeting Notes

  • (lots of folks in SF hacking together)
  • New meeting format this week: Status, Awesome (shout outs), Help.
  • Status (Persona):
    • train 10.23 made it to production for an entire hour! then got rolled back when Marketplace encountered a problem with their use of forceIssuer on the web.
    • feels like there's a lot more momentum with Persona dev now that the trains are moving again
    • retry plan: backed out a commit that was causing the forceIssuer bug that Marketplace is using. new deployment attempt today or tomorrow.
  • Status (FxA on FxOS):
    • jared has a basically working settings app
    • jed is a greek hero
    • not quite landed, but close. we'll have something for relying parties soon
    • john gruen delivered new flows that are apparently better than sliced bread
    • drop dead date is March 17th
    • presence team is very interested in working with FxA, very much in line with Adam's desire to create an account manager
    • MWC is not going to demo FxA, they're going with Persona (or will not have a demo that needs it)
  • Status (Sync):
    • team is in SF with desktop team for a big push
    • locking down UX and screens
    • FxA was deployed to prod on Friday and it has pretty close to final UX
    • try it out on
  • Awesome:
    • Benson deployed the new verfier within one week without needing any help from anyone
    • Multi-region RDS on AWS could be very good for us.
    • Shane and Crystal want to the [Dare conference in London (people skills for digital workers) last week and they highly recommend it, especially for managers.
    • FxA team gets a big shout out for the deployment on Friday (and everything that lead to that being possible).
  • Mary Hodder:
    • Mozilla in SF will be hosting a hackathon "Data Privacy Legal Hackathon". Looking for help. Will send link to the list.
    • Our team is welcome to participate as we operate well within that space.
  • Help:
    • Someone from FxA to assist Lloyd with PR work to talk about what Sync.Next means (turning it out within 48 hours). Chris will do it.
    • Lloyd wants help from Edwin to show EJ and Paul a testing FxA server ("try server").
    • Dan will gladly take more help dealing with 4078.



FxA on FxOS

  • Jared has a basically working Settings App Yay!
  • Jed got all the way through DOMIdentity! Yay!
  • Sam updating to new server API is now the blocker
  • Going parallel-track: Jared investigating preffing-off FxA UI for initial landing
    • will allow MP/WMF to pref on and use legacy server
  • new UX mocks from jgruen
    • team deep-dive on Weds
  • Sam sitting in for part of Presence workweek next week
    • Their ambitions dovetail nicely with Adam's FxOS 1.5 plans



Docs & Engagement


PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • Brian: 25 Jan - 8 Feb: PTO
  • Jared: 31 Jan: PTO
  • Ryan: 20 - 28 Feb: PTO
  • Shane: Feb 26 - Mar 12 (Tentative dates per Baby Tomlinson's decision on to arrive - the dates will adjust as needed) :)
  • Katie: 27-28 March: PTO