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Meeting Format:: 0. Update on Rob Lord (mark) 1. Status - Where are we at on our three major initiatives? FxA Sync (ckarlof), FxA on FxOS (spenrose) 2. Awesome - What happened last week that was awesome? 3. Help - Where could you use help? What is blocking you?

General Reminders:

Key wiki pages to point folks at:

Meeting Notes

[Karl is this week's notetaker] - jedp jumping in - no karl? [karl was late -- Sorry. Thanks Jed!]

  • fxos help coming for 1.4 (mmayo), but 1.3 blockers have people very busy
  • persona transition plan? (we played well on HN today ... now what?)
    • HN "the project appears to have stalled" - callahad asked for someone with more PR chops to step in - how do we respond?
    • mmayo: intention is to publicly blog our plan by end of week
    • karl volunteers self as copy reader
    • lloyd to write or delegate writing
    • mmayo: we have a pretty complete draft of the other side of it - accounts/sync etc.
    • lloyd to send the whole thing out to id-staff
    • jgruen - sync in onboarding experience in australis? jgruen votes no - too untested, too new - been in the wild (alpha) for about a day
    • mmayo to follow-up with jgruen (what does onboarding mean?)
    • [lloyd] fucking awesome, chris et al. it looked impossible a month ago, and you did it
    • [karl] look, it's crystal!
    • [jgruen] QA and ops who tested and deployed all the things are awesome. Also, they bring donuts. gene showed up and owned it, beer in hand.
    • [jedp, karl] skinny for her My Nerd Story, which is spreading and bringing other people to write their stories, too
    • [lloyd] kicking off Fruux (there, i said it!) conversation w00t
  • HELP
    • [jedp] can we get people for fxos 1.4? [spenrose] s/help/awesome/ mmayo is on it
    • mmayo - also, there are shifting priorities within TEF - can be hard to tell where the partnership on this project will go
    • spenrose: the spice must flow! gonna have to crack the whip a bit
    • [karl] thanks to 6a68 for getting the socketlabs stuff sorted out
  • Announcement
    • Lloyd: there's nothing but love from my side for each and every one of you. From my side, in my career, i have never seen people with such hearts and dedication as you. I am awed by all of you
    • mmayo: sorting out the interim arrangement, and the longer-term structure. interim plan is for mmayo to take over lloyd's responsibiliity for as short a term as possible. clearing plate for next few weeks to be around and available. looking at a broader reorg for cloud that we haven't completely figured out. one desire is to have a flatter structure, with an increase in EMs. UI/UX, you guys may be stuck with me for a while. looking at the whole group, we are very undermanaged, wtih broad disparity of managerial responsibilities. something we've been trying to figure out; compared with desktop and os teams - how do they structure? given that we're so geographically diverse. can we break up teams geographically? probably not. major projects will probably live under a lead engineer, paired with a manager to run it. smaller teams probably don't have to be structured the same way. looking for two to three managers in the team to spread the workload.
    • questions for lloyd
    • [karl] when do we see you?
      • bay area, end of february
    • [karl] does callahad know this?
      • yes
    • lloyd whatever i have to offer, it's yours
    • not that lloyd guy
    • he does not
    • also, honey badger


  • Train 2013.10.23 was derailed
  • Pushing two security hotfixes to production (train 2013.10.09)
  • Dan, Francois and Sean moving to FxA
  • After-Action Review

FxA Sync

  • It's in Nightly!

FxA on FxOS

Summary: many good swings of the sledgehammer, rock hasn't shattered yet

   New API work
   Jed landed a large refactor and HAWK upgrade:
   Jed and Sam working on
   Several smaller issues addressed
   Old API stopgap efforts: Fernando is going to try a quick pref
   If it doesn't land in the next few days, no point
   Excellent UX-Eng-Product review of John's latest UX last Weds, no big issues found
   John and Jared working through minor issues
   Jared has Settings work ready once Gecko laggards catch up
   Fernando is lead on forceAuth
   We may lose him soon; we have stressed importance of timely updates on his status with him and Noemi
   WMF priority patch in progress:
   Tony Chung's team may lead B2G side of Q/A



Docs & Engagement


PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • Brian: 25 Jan - 8 Feb: PTO
  • Francois: 4 - 7 Feb: PTO
  • Ryan: 20 - 28 Feb: PTO
  • Shane: Feb 26 - Mar 12 (Tentative dates per Baby Tomlinson's decision on to arrive - the dates will adjust as needed) :)
  • Katie: 27-28 March: PTO