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  • Discuss this future of this meeting

1. Status - Where are we at on our three major initiatives? FxA Sync (ckarlof), FxA on FxOS (spenrose) - why are there still only two listed? :-) 2. Awesome - What happened last week that was awesome? 3. Help - Where could you use help? What is blocking you?

General Reminders:

Key wiki pages to point folks at:

Meeting Notes

  • We need volunteers for notetaking.
  • FxA Brownbag April 7th or 8th (we'll confirm & send an invite)

[ckarlof] Brian and Dan perhaps? [dan] Yvan might be working on it, need to confirm. [warner] Need to define what the content will be. [dan] Yvan wants to talk about security model, but maybe a reprisal of wanrer's crypto talk. [ckarlof] mmayo wants to clarify a few things, related to old sync/new sync, security model [ckarlof] sync moving along, desktop in SF for work week next week, Gavin, markh, gruen, <someone else> [sam] bug count small, about 8, hopefully cleared by Thursday, give us some slack time to fix stuff afterwards prior to code freeze. Bugzilla dependency tree hard, one bug to see the overview (scroll to most recent comment)

(/me will insert link later). Next week, Adam will review with team. Hopefully we'll be good, all pref'ed off, but might be reversed. Official plan finish but invisible. Nudge bigger forces to get them turned on. :) [jed] might need a check-in with some other people, ggp perhaps. [sam] I'll coordinate. [edwin] Train is running, triage soon.


  • our peeps: skinny, francois, jed, some ozten, two folks from fruux: dominik + evert. if you see them on line, say hi

[skinny] Fruux, we have a sketch/strawman. Some docs:

  • notes and updates:
  • bug tree:
  • [jed] Need docs related to carddav format. Initial steps for apps (see above link). Jared to give run down of building Gaia apps, Fruxx people plus others. Some efforts underway for FXOS to import from CardDav, but not far yet. No export effort. Perhaps some telefonica guys can help. Need a POC, is this something we want? Mailing list shortly. Will work on one level, but should be a somewhat functional prototype.
  • [skinny] FxA Usability? study on track sometime (tomorrow perhaps, 1pm).


  • [kthiessen] See QA section below for notes on FxA/Sync QA testday.

[karl] Swarm people to go and break it. On Thursday. [ckarlof] (andy missed it) [karl] Got people in irc to answer questions, people to help. [ckarlof] Get config to do maximum diagnostics, brower console etc. To help log. [karl] Can we get a doc to show how to do that? [edwin] Yep, I can gather together links. [ckarlof] Hopefully already documented, so let's get that together anyhow. [jrmg] Hard to see what's on the server. [warner] Might need better tools to help get visibility. [ckarlof] Perhaps screen captures, to get more visuals. [karl] We'll learn a lot since it's the first time, for regular users v people doing it all day. [edwin] Did we get an announcement in MoCo? Maybe next one. Get more people using it. [sam] Jonath said to people to use FF29.

FxA on FxOS

  • 10 working days to Code Freeze for 1.4
    • Goal is to land FxA ready-but-preffed-off
    • By Thursday (7 working days) we should have every blocker r+ or landed EXCEPT:
  • The big Settings PR, which still needs a peer to review
  • Possibly a couple small Gecko issues
  • Details (about to be updated; scroll down) at:
  • Next:
    • Front-load Q/A
    • Writing tests and clearing blockers as the arise
    • Review with product owner Adam Rogers mid-next week
  • [jedp] Question - ggp says WIMF will be taken out of system app (which might have some effects); I talked with dougt this AM, who hadn't heard about that idea. We should probably have an hour with WIMF folks for a check-in.


Docs & Engagement


= PTO/OOO (kept up-to-date in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • warner: Mar 7th (birthday)
  • James: 3/5 - 3/6 TRIBE
  • Francois: 7 and 10 March PTO
  • Francois: 14, 17, 18, 19 March PTO
  • Shane: Feb 26 - Mar 12 :: Tentative dates per Baby Ryan Tomlinson's decision on when to arrive. The dates will adjust as needed  :)
  • Katie: 27-28 March: PTO
  • John G: 27.5 - 31 Mar: PTO
  • warner: apr-10 - apr-18 (PyCon Montreal+PTO)
  • chilts: 7th Apr - 2nd May PTO (in UK)