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Mozilla, US Ignite, the City of San Francisco and the Internet Archive present
San Francisco Gig Hack Days
July 21 - 22, 2012
10:00 — 6:00pm

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Sample apps

We're interested in demonstrating innovation in education, workforce training, healthcare, and other public benefit areas. We'll be prototyping using client-side open web technologies (HTML5, WebGL, WebRTC) and a local private cloud. The types of applications we're talking about include:

  • •applications that require high bandwidth (100Mbps to 1Gbps)
  • •applications using huge data sets stewarded by archive.org
  • •applications that take advantage of layer 2 programmability/take advantage of software defined networking
  • •demonstrations of the above running point-to-point with local anchor institutions (over community fiber or wireless)

Campaign ad aggregator

WHO: Ralf Muehlen
WHAT: Aggregate campaign ads by region and analyze them. Discover contradictory TV quotes from the same candidate; fact-check explanations and contrast messages by media market.

Local community archive

WHO: Mike McCarthy
WHAT: Develop a community archiving platform that will allow residents to share community/family video with future San Franciscans. San Francisco Public Library sites that are on the CBN could have kiosk established that would enable the uploading  and tagging of videos.

DIY holography for education

WHAT: Using Kinect sensors, provide a virtual classroom that will enable scientist from San Francisco's science museums to teach kids at community sites connected to the CBN.

Micro climate sensor network

WHAT: Create a sensor network that will enable real time monitoring of environmental of San Francisco's micro climates. Could be part of San Francisco's expansion of Parklet's. [1]

About the event

In a world with universal, ultra high-speed internet, all our assumptions about the web can be reset. What kinds of apps can we build when data can travel as fast as it needs to, and processing power is never a bottleneck?

Through the US Ignite initiative, cities across America are leveling up with 100Mbps to 1Gbps municipal networks. When paired with open web technologies and networking innovations like OpenFlow, the next generation of apps will open up a whole new round of innovation and deliver huge public benefit.

On July 21st and 22nd, join Mozilla, the Internet Archive, and a crew of forward-thinking technologists to imagine and build prototypes of apps from the future. We'll spend two days prototyping innovative uses of Gigabit networks and make plans to work together over the next year.

What will the day be like?

After brief introductions and a tour of the facilities at the Internet Archive, we'll break into small teams consisting of designers, developers, network engineers.

Over two days, we'll build prototype apps that require ultra high speed and/or smart networks. At the end of two days, we'll share the results and have a discussion about where to take this next.

Prototypes created here could evolve into submissions to the Mozilla Ignite challenge, with $500,0000 of seed money and mentorship available to help get them off the ground.