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This document describes a template with information that all impact groups (pilots/challenges) should have in order to provide volunteers all the information they need to know what’s about and how get involved.

Team owner: MoCo/MoFo team owner.

Community owner: Volunteer co-lead.


What is this impact group about, what are the main goals and how do we want to get to these goals.

Outcomes for team

What are the needs/goals of your team that this impact team will help you with in the short and in the long term?

What success looks like

For People

What do I get by contributing to this? / Participation benefits for volunteers

List of things volunteers get by contributing, from professional experience, learnings, certificates….

Both concrete know-how after participating in a concrete initiative and soft skills, experience, etc. Please list benefits of participation for contributors.

For this project

What does success look like for this project? Please list in order of importance, and feel free to be elaborate on why those things are important. This helps volunteers connect as well.

How to measure success

What are the concrete outcomes for your team success metrics for this impact team

For Mozilla as a whole

Often when we talk to contributors, it’s important that they understand not only how their participation helps a product, but Mozilla’s mission. How does this initiative/impact group align with and have positive impact on Mozilla’s mission.


Profile, skillset (must and nice to have) and/or experience the the team is looking forward in order to be able to contribute. Weekly time commitment should be defined here.

Education, tools and resources

List of existing educational tools and material for contributors (training, videos, how-tos...)


List of existing recognition (badges etc).


What channels of communication currently exist?


List of actions to take if you want to contribute, elaborated in a “ladder” format, starting with the easiest thing to get involved and escalating to the most complicated. (Estimated) Time required for each task should defined.