Importing Mozilla CVS to Bazaar

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This is not quite a "procedure" yet, because it doesn't list specific versions of a lot of stuff. This is how bsmedberg performed an import.

Software to Obtain


Performed in a VM of FC6. I did not install the bazaar, cvsps, or mercurial packages (to get new enough versions you have to build from source).


You need a recent pull of bazaar (performance code was checked in after the 0.13 release). To obtain:

$ cd ~
$ rsync -av .
$ cd
$ python install --home=~/
$ export PATH=$PATH:~/
$ export PYTHONPATH=~/

Reference websites:


$ cd ~
$ git clone cvsps
$ make
$ make install prefix=~/cvsps-installed
$ export PATH=$PATH:~/cvsps-installed/bin


$ cd ~
$ bzr branch bzr-cvsps-import
$ export BZR_PLUGIN_PATH=~/bzr-cvsps-import


Obtain a copy of the CVS repository:

$ rsync -avz ~/mozilla-cvs-mirror
$ perl -pi -e 's/NoLocks/#NoLocks/' ~/mozilla-cvs-mirror/CVSROOT/config

Run cvsps to divine patchsets from the CVS repository:

TZ=UTC CVSROOT=~/mozilla-cvs-mirror cvsps --root ~/mozilla-cvs-mirror mozilla -u -A > ~/mozilla.cvsps.log

Run cvsps-import in bazaar to create a new repository. This will take at least 1G of RAM and a boatload of time. 8 days might be a good guess, on a 2.8Ghz Pentium D running only one CPU.

$ bzr cvsps-import --cvsps-dump=~/mozilla.cvsps.log ~/mozilla-cvs-mirror mozilla ~/mozilla-bzr-export