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Recognising Contributions

A community is possible only by the contributions of its volunteers. Here, we salute folks who have contributed to Mozilla either by a small patch of code or organizing events.

March 2018

Name Link to Mozillians (or other) Profile Contribution Link (if any) Mentor (if any)
Sanyam Khurana (CuriousLearner) Developed Addon

Reported Issues

Bug fixes
Shashank Kumar Made AddOn
Co-organised International Women's Week (Mega Meetup) and MDOC Webinars
Sanyam Khurana (CuriousLearner)
Avishi Rai Volunteered for International Women's Week (Mega Meetup) at Adobe, Noida and represented Mozilla Delhi Open Community on Stage
Shashank Kumar (realslimshanky)
Parul Aggarwal Volunteered for International Women's Day Mega Meetup at Adobe, Noida as a representative of Mozilla Delhi Open Community and explained about it's motives, activities and community involvement on stage
Published first blog post about experience as a volunteer & representative of MDOC at Mega Meetup Shashank Kumar (realslimshanky)
Adarsh Pathak Designed a poster to be used as a placeholder for the first webinar of Mozilla Delhi Open Community and approved it from the Mozilla Open Design Telegram Group Shashank Kumar (realslimshanky)
Adarsh Pathak
Anmol Gupta
Sahil Garg
Anish Verma
Volunteered International Women's Week (Mega Meetup) at Adobe, Noida with Mozilla Delhi Open Community
Shared links amongst the attendees present at the event and advertised MDOC Orientation Webinar
Shashank Kumar (realslimshanky)
Anish Verma Captured the entire meetup and uploaded the photographs to the Social Media as well on Google Drive for easy distribution
Shubham Singh Designed a logo for Mozilla Delhi Open Community and followed Mozilla design guidelines
Divyansh Reported an issue about the bug on