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Mozilla India Annual Task Force Meetup was the meeting of a focused group of Mozillians who were actively part of 2014 task forces. Mozilla India Task Force Teams are the interest groups that focus on a specific Area of contribution(SUMO, Localization, QA, Engagement, Web-Dev, IT).

Logistical details


8th, 9th and 10th May 2015


Lemon Tree Premier
Ulsoor Lake,
2/1, St Johns Road, Ulsoor,
Bangalore, KA 42
Phone: 080 4480 2000


Event Hashtags

  • #MozINTF15
  • #mozTFIN

Event page on Reps Portal

Contact persons

  • Abhiram Ravikumar at +91 9789605121
  • Galaxy Kadiyala at +91 8951192943
  • Vineel Reddy Pindi at +91 9985258603

Event report

Day 1

  • Ice-breaking session
  • Session on Mozilla's goals for 2015 (by George Roter)
  • Mozilla India Community Health Insights - [A few problems were recognized and listed down in this etherpad. We are yet to ask individuals for proposed solutions to the listed problems.]

Reviewing 2014 (task-force wise)

  • Webmaker
* Retrospect
   # Largest number of makerparties(s) thrown are from India. Info-graphic was shared by webmaker. Count is 500+. 
   # Local HIVE Events in Pune, Kochi, Vizag, Chennai, Ahemadabad, Kharagpur.
   # Webmaker India's Involvement in various makerfest like Makerfaire, Hillhacks, Unbox Festival, Construkt Festival, Makerthon
   # 5+ Online makerparties(s) to promote low or no budget webmaker events.
   # Webmaker Mentors involvement on a global level supporting ideas and growth of webmaker Project.
   # Webmaker India Field Research with Laura de Renyal.
   # Appmaker and mobile focused events for teaching the web.
   # Inception of new events formats like privacy focused and off-line makerparties.
* Proud of:
   # Number of makerparties in India are 500+.
   # Around 10K Web literates in India.
   # High Engagement of Mozillians in India into the Webmaker Mentor program.
   # Successful Train the trainer events resulting into more number of Super Mentors.
   # We were successful in spreading web literacies among diverse set of age group For Eg: in hillhacks we taught children of age 4+ to 14 and in Vizag we taught professors and in KGP we taught adults of age 50. and diverse set of audience ranging from students, teachers to housewives.
   # We partnered with various new maker organizations at local and national level events.
   # Hive India grew exponentially due to emergence of local hives.
* Going ahead:
   # Creation and growth of Webmaker Clubs to organizing maker parties.
   # Supporting local communities.
   # Increasing the no. of train the trainer events.
   # Low/No budget webmaker events.
   # Creation of curriculum to teach the web regionally.
   # Clarity on impact goals and matrices for webmaker
   # Tracking and analysis of events in India, encouraging use of webmaker portal (
   # Webmaker India Meetup at end of Year.
  • Technical Task Force:
* Retrospect
   # Contribution to Rust, Geolocation.
   # Started palantiri
   # Started Vibe
   # Dev events are getting better
* Challanges:
   # Need more tractions
   # Not enought push and maintainence
* Going ahead:
   # Wrapping up things that started building.
  • Evanglism Task Force:
* Retrospect:
  # Firefox OS launch, trainings.
* Challanges:
  # Synchronized working
  # Building up
  # Training
  # Downtime
* Going ahead:
  # Make a list of speaker's database
  # Signup for interested speakers
  # Centralized system.
  • FSA Task Force:
* Retrospect:
  # 10000+ fsa(s) signed up.
  # Club Development.
  # FSA execution board now has 1 President and 3 VP.
  # Recruited 5 regional ambassadors leads.
  # Organized FSA bootcamp
* Challenges
 # Communication.
 # Collaboration and Mentorship
* Going ahead
 # New bootcamp
 # Recruit new mentors/RAL(s)
 # Firefox Friends Campaign.
  • L10N:
* Retrospect:
  # FfxoS meetup in June. ALl 13 lang with 3 people under one roof. 
  # 13 languages translated for Firefoxos 2.0.
  # with the help of FUEL project QA is going on.
  # Successfull online events HIndi and Bengali
  # 4 new languages onboard Kashmiri, 
  # webapp of webmaker in HIndi is going on.
  # Feenec completed in all 13 languages.
  # Fennec launch was uncessful due to budget issues.
  # Download page isn't localized.
* Challenges:
  # Budget issues
  # Absence of l10n outreach efforts affecting metrics
  # lack of i18n support of indian languages.
* Going ahead:
  # Plan for 2015 : continue translation work
  # l10n outreach plan to overcome challanges
  # add many more indian language for firefox os
  • Social Media Task Force:
* Retrospect:
  # most active social media task force.
  # after brazil most active firefox page.
* Challenges:
  # No native tools to manage social media accounts.
  # getting new contributors in the team is a challenge.
  # no affecting governing bodies for social media.
  # localizing graphics
  # fake accounts
  # Need online / offline collaboration.
  # Tracking contributors.
* Going ahead:
  # create sustainable visual
  # need assets hosting
  # offline engagement
  • Engagement Task Force:
* Retrospect:
  # Community launch firefox os
  # Got community space in bangalore
  # Overlap with social and evangelism task force
* Challenges:
  # Pan India community scale campaign and community gaps.
  # Most people not listening on the channels
  # Metrics
* Goal:
  # Have clear coordination with other task force.
  • Events Task Force:
* Retrospect:
  # Community India Meetup
  # Mozcamp Beta
* Challenges:
  # Bigger community , so engagement challenges
* Goals:
  # plan better and impactful events
  # bring visibility i.e events calender.
  • Geolocation Task Force:
  # 3 pilot events
  # 2 of them national sprints and 1 was related to participation with the local municipal corporation of Islampur.
  • Woman centric events:
* Retrospect
  # Privacy and security focused event.
  # 7 girls were part of Adacamp Bangalore this year.
  # Shagufta organized Appdays for women.
  # Celebtrated Int'l Women's Day.
  # Increased no of womoz contributors.
* Goals:
  # Increase contribution of women.
  # Follow adacamp structure in upcoming Womoz Events.
  # Talk by George Roter from Mozilla Participation Lab
  # Building towards meritocratic community.

Day 2

  • Ice Breaking session with new members of the Task Forces.
  • Recap of the Mozilla Product Goals 2015 by George Roter.
  • Workshop proposed by George to Plan for the Impact of the events.
 # Better understanding of difference between Outcomes and Impact.
 # Reverse Engineering 


       Inputs -> Activities -> Outputs -> Outcomes -> Impacts


  • Restructuring the Existing Task Forces
  • Proposals of New Task Forces
    • Geolocation Task Force
    • Policy and Advocacy Task Force
    • Privacy and Security Agents (Merged with Policy and Advocacy Task Force)
    • Mozilla Science Lab Task Force
    • Software Testing and Quality Assurance
    • Firefox OS Task Force
    • Marketplace Taskforce
  • Updates from each Task Force answering the following questions:
 # Who is here?
 # What skills do we have?
 # What is the Role of the task force?
 # What we are interested in?
  • Please refer this etherpad which includes the links to the updates from each task force.
  • Discussion on how each task force's goals is aligned with the goals of Mozilla for 2015.
 Current list of Mozilla India task-forces (old + new) -

Day 3

  • 5 mins revision on this model.


       Inputs -> Activities -> Outputs -> Outcomes -> Impacts


 * Localization
  # Increasing the download metrics for each indic locale for firefox and fennec
  # Creating awareness about Localized builds through outreach events and social media campaigns
  # Installfest in every event with locale build.
  # Brochures on public places about downloading your locale.
  # Promote Indic download during Festivals
  # Work with engineering team to make sure that there will be indian language download pages and Firefox affiliate program will give  download option localized build.
  # Firefox Download Bucket Challenge in local languages. (Similar to  Ice Bucket Challenge)
 * Documentation
  # Document all event, plannings, outcomes from around the community.
  # more...and use the blogging platform for proper outreach.
  # Keep all documents (mainly wiki) updated.
  # Clean the Wiki...along with the Technical Task-force
 * Webmaker:
  # 50 active clubs by end of 2015
  # Identify the potential partners by end of June
  # Buddy program
 * Geolocation
  # Hosting all-India sprints to increase coverage all across India
  # More regional events
  # More collaboration with global Geolocation  team
 * WoMoz
  # Include the gender diversity. Include atleast 10 core WoMoz contributors from India
  # Empower women across projects
 * Marketplace
  # More local apps. Getting better apps built by local developers.
  # Fix bugs and improve UI for Firefox Marketplace
 * Events
  # Better event management
  # Better impact
 * Policy and Advocacy
  # New task-force so first goal is to grow bigger and spread the message.
  # Set up a structure to improve participation - have regular meetings - community calls
  # IRC - #advocacy-in
  # Make and publish a list of resource persons - Mozillians and others
  # Make Advocacy teaching kits - introductory, Intermediate and advanced and get them localized in Indian Languages
  # Request for granting one policy and advocacy slot in all Mozilla events happening in India
  # 3 major policy and advocacy events in the next one year - separated geographically
  # Long term goals 
    ## Create strong voices for Mozilla values in policy discussions <>
    ## Work  with the community to provide products and services that make the Web  more  robust, and take action when the Web’s DNA is threatened by  unhealthy mutations.
    ## Educate & build a strong community of open Web advocates  who can guide others  and involve themselves in policy matters 
* Technical
  # Develop tools for other communities. 
   ## Wiki
   ## Event calender
  # More online events.
  # Better recognition system
  # Recognition letter/recommendation letter.
  # Swag request form
  # Improving the FSA structure
* Social Media
  # Maintaining the current initiatives and keep them going
* Creative
  # Generate templates for events
  # 17+ Indian events
* QE

Links to all etherpads created for different activities: