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About the event

Mozilla India Work Week

Event date

29th June 2013 and 30th June 2013. 10am to 6pm.

Event Venue

Hospitality Management Applied Training Centre, Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (Dadar Catering college)

About the event

The Mozilla India Community is a huge group consisting of volunteers from different parts of the country, contributing to different domains of Mozilla projects. To make the community more organized and functional, the prominent work domains are recognized and made into task-forces, each having an owner. The work-week India was organized to bring together all the task-force owners for a direct communications for better planning as well as beginning with the execution of the plans.

Event Report

Concluding the event discussions and outputs, taskforce wise:

Technical task-force

They had several important discussions on different topics like:

  • Mozilla India Website Renovation
  • Tools for Mozilla India Operations
  • Server/System management for other Task Forces
  • Developer Engagements (Core, Web & App Developments)
  • Use of persona wherever possible for authentication
  • Download links for localized Firefox versions on the Mozilla India homepage.
  • Find designers for the front end design for the Mozilla India site.
  • Having Mozilla India Etherpad

Some important outcomes of their two days' brainstorming are:

  • Mozilla India WP Blog
  • Migration of existing posts from is needed
  • We should have something like to unify Mozilla related blog posts of the community members


As per the current scenario, there are only 5 members in Womoz India,more participation is needed. So, improve the situation, the decision was to initially begin with the events. They even agreed upon the point that they lack is a proper follow-up methods which needs to be improved. Being a very small task-force, RASCI implementation is kind of not very necessary for this task force, but still going by the RASCI model, this is how it can be implemented:

  • Responsible - Depends on the event
  • Accountable - Depends on the event
  • Support- Engagement task-force
  • Consulted - Vineel / Deb
  • Informed - Vineel / Deb

If contribution measurement needs to be done, the criteria can be the following:

  • Joining the mailing list - level 1 complete
  • Attendance on IRC > 50% - level 2 complete
  • Organization of event (min 2) - level 3 complete
  • Mozilla related blogs (min 3) - level 4 complete


The engagement team had several topics on their plate for discussion which they did successfully manage to tackle in the short duration of two days. Some of the topics of their discussions were automation and creation of SOP's for events planning, internal Budget planning/review team, collaborating with Student Reps, find ways of providing guidance to the new comers, starting with the Mozilla India newsletter,creation of the event metrics, generalizing some proper Reward System, find ways of collaboration with Institutes to get more contributors from them and a few others.


The proposed levels of community interaction for this task force are:

  • Joining dev-l10n and community india mailng-list
  • Creating bugzilla account, pootle account etc
  • Start learning the tools, process and method of Mozilla l10n
  • Aware of tools, process and method of Mozilla l10n
  • Can make a suggestion for a translation
  • Can submit a translation
  • Can Review a translation
  • Do testing Activity for localized build
  • Can administrate a translation project

The task-force owner and mentors came up with an awesome plan:

  • Organizing Individual Language Community Review Workshop
  • Organizing Mozilla India Localization Workshop
  • Ensuring a slot of localization in all meet ups conducted by ReMos and communites
  • Ensuring Participation of communities in different l10n meet ups happening in India and abroad

The other issues that were discussed included the challenges faced both by the users as well as the contributors of the Localization because of the huge number of languages in India (22 official languages). Localization work needs improvement in terms of quality.


This task force's RASCI implementation model looks like the following :

  • Responsible - Event organizer
  • Accountable - Mentors (might be Super Mentors )
  • Support - Engagement Taskforce
  • Consulted - Gautham/Faisal/Sayak/Ankit
  • Informed - Vineel / Deb

According to the owner and mentors, the current status of this task force is:

  • Very good start for Maker party in India than last year
  • Events are being hosted where ever possible not being limited to educational institutions
  • MoFo defining India as the epicenter of Webmaker activities.

This task-force's contributor engagement Ideas are :

  • Proper follow-up after every event should be done.
  • Encouraging event attendees to host their own event ( Learners to Mentors )
  • Should focus on online events/mentoring as well
  • Host Maker party in cybercafe's that way we can ger promotion , contibutors and a venue for future events
  • Encourage computer institutes/colleges to use our webmaker tools.
  • Encourage more smaller events [Kitchen Table events] and family events
  • Webmaker as a kick-off activity for Firefox Student Ambassador
  • Webmaker can be initial filtering step for the next FirefoxOS app days event

Whats New This Season for them?

  • Teachtheweb
  • Webmaker 2.0 - customized domain name in
  • Hacktivity Kits


After their brainstorming for two days, the ideas they came up with were as follows:

  • Guidelines for Army of Awsome
  • Make a popcorn video for this
  • Create videos on simple issue like craeting profiles, installing Firefox
  • We can use Webmakr tools like popcorn maker for creating the videos
  • Publish on Mozilla India Facebook and Twitter page about the latest updates of SuMo


Implementation of the RASCI structure for this task force was done in the following way:

  • Responsible- Any contributor
  • Accountable- Mentors
  • Support- Mentors + Contributors
  • Consulted- Mentors
  • Informed- Vineel / Deb

The main responsibilities of this task force that the owner and mentors came up with after their two day's discussion were:

  • Making and checking of all the reports that come under Mozilla India Community.
  • Writing the event introductions and other details on the events page of Mozilla India's websites.
  • Maintaining reports of the work being performed by all the other task forces of Mozilla India Community.
  • Documenting for Mozilla Development Network
  • The mail already exists, just need to modify it and get a draft ready which can be passed on to all the colleges, encouraging students to get involved.
  • Need the invitation template done (follow Rajesh sir's pattern)